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May 13, 2009 05:58 AM

pit beef baltimore CITY?

Is there any place to get halfway decent pit beef in Baltimore City? I've never seen it closer than Chap's.
(Note: I understand that Chap's or some other County place might be the best, but sometimes I'm just not interested in driving all the way out there.)

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  1. Sorry but it's going to be hard to find Pit Beef within the city. I strongly recommend Pioneer Pit Beef, just outside the Beltway on Rolling Road.

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    1. re: bordeauxfan

      Someone mentioned that, and even went as far as to say that it is much better than Chaps. Thanks for the info

    2. Uh, Chaps IS in Baltimore City.

      What specific area(s) are convenient to you?

      Boog's in Camden Yards and the Sunday market under 83 both have pit beef closer to downtown. But Boog's is only open for O's games and you'll need a ticket and the market is just on Sundays.

      There is also the Key Pit Stop near the Southside Marketplace in Federal Hill/Locust Point. But I've never eaten there and have never seen any comments about the place.

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        Key Pit Stop closed down about a year ago. It is now being renovated and about to open up as a BBQ joint.

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          We are very mobile. I have a fat boy soul.LOL I will drive anywhere to enjoy good food.

        2. How about the place at the south end of the JFX Farmer's Market on Sundays? I haven't been yet this year, but it's always been very good inthe past.