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May 13, 2009 05:46 AM

which would you choose and why?

brigtsens or august? have dinner resy's at both and need to choose. Thanks!

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  1. Honestly flip a coin. They are going to be two completely different yet somewhat similar meals. Service is good at both, food relies on local flavors and ingredients, only the style of presentation and cooking techniques differs.

    But just flip a coin.

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    1. re: Lyonola

      August is more refined in ambience, food and service. Brigtsen's is housed in an old, worn house. The service is friendly, food is less sophisticated but none the less very good. My main complaint is that many entrees arrive with the same sauteed veg. and mashed potatoes. I prefer well composed plates with complimentary components.

    2. Although I don't disagree with Jazzy, cast my vote for Brigtsen's. I'm just happier there; it smacks more of New Orleans to me than August.

      1. August is very delicious but really the kind of food you could find in any major city. I vote for Brigtsen's!

        1. Two totally different atmospheres. Both are upscale but one is a tiny uptown house and the other is a very grand downtown affair.

          I haven't been to Brigsten's, but I've heard it's great.

          I found August to be a bit stuffy. I'm just not into the super fancy thing (I always feel a little silly when it's over the top). The food was incredibly flavorful but so rich that I felt sick afterwards. However, this was my fault for ordering the foie gras appetizer (which was amazing) and the duck entree. Went a little too big.

          1. Whichever you choose, PLEASE be sure and cancel the other reservation in a timely manner so someone else can utilize the table. Thanks.

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              Of course, I would NEVER hold up a table - plus i used to be a reservationist ! I think we're going to go uptown and eat at Brigtsens!