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May 13, 2009 05:02 AM

Birthday in Paris-where to eat?

My husband, 2 children (10 and 14), and myself will be in Paris during the first week of June. My husband will have a birthday while there - also, our first trip to Paris. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have to offer. Can my son wear tennis shoes in restaurants? Thanking you in advace.

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  1. Tennis shoe is underdressed for a nice restaurant -- no problem in a regular one, and they're so young it won't matter much anyway if they're well combed and have an ironed buttoned up shirt.

    Most restaurants are kid-friendly in Paris, but not all kids are restaurant-friendly. What are you looking for? I mean, some kids are happy celebrating at a McDonalds more than they would be celebrating at le Cinq. Gee, I sometimes hesitate myself.

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      Souphie, My husband and I are older parents so we have always taken our children to nice restaurants and expected the manners and behavior to accompany. They both have more of a sophisticated palette than most their age. Neither has ever enjoyed McDonalds - thank goodness! It is hard to get my son (14) out of tennis shoes at the moment - from the feet up he looks good! We like to try different foods, etc. Hopefully, we are not the typical American tourists - we are respectful of other countries, their customs and culture. I have read the boards and have my books - it almost seems overwhelming to navigate Paris and the restaurants. You seem to always have good and sensible advice - any you could offer would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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        Well then, your children are not a constraint in your restaurant's choice. My go-to special restaurant is Le Cinq, but depending on your budget and envies, you can also consider the big guys -- like l'Arpège, l'Ambroisie, Pierre Gagnaire. It really, once again, comes down to your budget and the type of experience you're looking for. And of course there are all sorts of less expensive options.