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Craziest Slurpee Flavors

So 7-Eleven has really become a global phenomenon and it's my understanding that Slurpee flavors are designed to match the local tastes. Of course in any town in America you'll find the classic Coke and cherry in any Slurpee machine, but during a recent trip to the Philippines, I entered a Manila outlet and found a lychee Slurpee. Astounded by how exotic the 7-Eleven people have become, I'm curious if anyone else has found some interesting flavors around the world?

Oh yea, for the record, the lychee Slurpee, although refreshing in the hot sun, tasted a bit like soap and potpourri.

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  1. I got really addicted to Blackberry slurpees that were sold at the 7-eleven across the way from the climbing crag in Squamish, British Columbia (CA). I doubt that they are as good as I remember but they were the perfect treat after a long day of climbing.

    1. In Canada we also have Mac's, which is like 7-11. The Mac's by my old apartment used to regularly carry "Buttered Popcorn" flavour.

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        I've never heard of Mac's, but do they call them Slurpees too?

        As a side note, does anyone know more variations of the Slurpee. I know ICEE and Slush Puppie, but any others?

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          yah um atmacs in Canada, they sell frosters

        2. I live in a Chinese neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. My local 7-11 just started serving Lychee surpees. I had no clue what the lychee fruit was until I saw it at 7-11. I had to try it. It tastes great :)

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            but it's a little like potpourri right?

          2. Occasionally Vernor's-flavoured slurpees pop up in the Detroit area - they used to available consistently at one on Harper in St. Clair Shores about ten years ago.

            1. Back in the 1970s, right around Fourth of July, they'd sell a flavor called Yankee Doodle. It was a sort of cherry/strawberry flavor. I wish they'd bring that back.

              1. a few years ago, they had Diet Pepsi Slurpees and they were divine. i drank one every day that summer.

                i check the machines all the time, but haven't seen it since.

                1. There werent that many 7-11s in the Texas town that I grew up in. Almost every convenience store had an Icee machine that was pretty much the same as Slurpee machine. The Icees usually had 2 flavors to pick from. One was always Coke flavored and the other one usually rotated between cherry, grape, some blue colored flavor, etc. Funny thing was, as a high school kid, every flavor that I bought managed to taste alot like a whiskey drink or a vodka drink by the time we started drinking it. Gee, I wonder why? And the beauty of it was that nobody asked questions. As long as it was hot outside, we could go anywhere with an Icee that was 86 proof and nobody suspected a thing. The good ole days.