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May 13, 2009 12:11 AM

chocolate in Brussels?

Any suggestions on where to get really good cho.colates in Brussels? I would prefer artisanal chocolate shops to chains

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  1. hands down - mary's chocolatier

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      No question about this one.

      I've lived in Brux off and on for 50 years and remember when Godiva was a walk-up storefront on Adolphe Max. In the last several years, all of the internationally known chocolatiers have sweetened their mixes (I am told in response to American and British tastes, although can't swear to it). This even includes Marcolini and Newhaus, the Economist Magazine's favorites. Which means that you have to search off the beaten path for true Belgian chocolate.

      And that means Mary - go to the factory store in Etterbeek (Chaussée de Wavre,
      1040 Brussel). But hurry - Mary has apparently invaded the USA now, so no doubt they will soon head down-market with the others.