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May 12, 2009 11:36 PM

Does Tramontina make Copper pans?

I went to their U.S. home page that is under construction. The 4th flashing image looks like a copper set ( ). Am I looking at shiny stainless surrounded by something yellow or is that copper?

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  1. "Tramontina’s newest product offering features the full-clad stainless
    steel and copper “Butterfly” line of cookware designed and produced
    by award-winning designer Claudio Bellini for Barazzoni S.p.A., of
    Italy. This outstandingly beautiful line is available as a product offering
    in Tramontina Limited Editions."

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      You are absolutly correct about the "Barazzoni - Butterfly Copper Clad". It's going to be interesting to see the price structure of this.