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May 12, 2009 09:35 PM

cooking class as a gift

hi i'm from austin and looking to take a cooking class with my sister for her bday gift.
any places besides central market and viking that i should know about?

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  1. I seem to remember meeting a fellow who was the chef at a resort on Lake Austin and that they did some kind of cooking weekend. It's been a few years, but I would assume they still do something similar.

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      Yes, on weekends at Lake Austin Spa there is a cooking class in a bright, cheery room in the resort building, not Lake House Spa. They don't give the audience utensils or food to participate but you do get a sample and learn some near tricks! Last time I was there they did orzo pasta with pesto and Parmesan crusted trout. It's nothing to write home about, but is fun to to if you have a long stay at Lake Austin Spa. Also, I'm pretty much positive that it is only open to guests.

    2. Sur la Table does a fine series each month (I have enjoyed the knife skills class myself) in Dallas and other cities. The classes often feature local chefs. There is a location in Austin, you may wish to check with them. The particular class I took was something like $70. They offer a full range of classes here in their beautiful kitchen/ classroom.

      1. The cooking school at Hudson's on the Bend would be an awesome gift. It's on their website.

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          Hudson Bend class would ROCK. Chef Blank usually teaches classes at his home and the outdoor kitchen if the weather is good!

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            I did his cooking class at his house on a fabulous spring day and it was absolutely the best! Yes, the price is a bit high, but well worth it. I learned a lot, LOVED his house and grounds, and the food was out of this world...I also had leftovers for three more meals.

        2. The Culinary Institute on Burnet Rd. used to have various classes. Don't know if they still do.

          1. oops sorry, i meant and thought that i had posted this on the dallas board! i need a class in dallas not austin! i'll re-post!

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              Still a great topic for those of us who'd dig one in Austin. Anyone try a class at Whole Foods? Every now and then I'll see a class meeting there and feel a little jealous.

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                I've taken about 20 classes at Whole Foods and have really enjoyed them. I always learn a lot & eat well. I've taken 5 at Central Market & like them also. If someone is just starting to cook I highly recommend a knife skills class. For the more advanced even something menacing-sounding such as puffed pastry or sauces are approachable but remember to take notes on the recipe sheets provided as often the teachers add hints & techniques not printed on them. Both places allow taking photos.

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                  Thanks, chascates, I had no clue classes would be so popular at both. And, thanks to chidora's link, I'll hopefully be taking a knife skills class before mid April.

                  Also, links to Central Market's schedule:
                  and Whole Foods' schedule: