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May 12, 2009 09:28 PM

casual engagement party?

hello there,

i am looking for a nice place to have a casual engagement party.. next week! a bar/lounge would work, i am thinking that guests will buy drinks and we will buy little bites. For about 50 people.
So far all I can think of is le Reservoir. Thanks so much for any ideas you might have!

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  1. Pop! Bar a Vin can be reserved, depending on the day of the week. That might be a nice idea for an engagement party - it's a little fancier than Reservoir, but still...

    1. There is a new place corner Fairmount one street west of St-Laurent called Bond. I have been once and it's very nice. Can't vouch for the food, as we only had a chocolate mousse dessert, but my drink was very good. The theme of the place is James Bond, but it is not in a tacky sort of way. They play the movies without sound and the cocktails are all named after Bond characters. The decor is very nice, sort of retro with a modern touch.
      Only downside is you can't order alcohol without food...

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        When of friend of mine got engaged we went about 30 people to Bond for drinks and Tapas to celebrate. Since it had only been opened a week or two at that point it would be hard to judge on the food. It was just O.K. They had some interesting tapas on the menu.
        New restaurants tend to improve with time... The drinks were great!!! I also thought the decor was really nice. Its a cool neighborhood restaurant. They also play really great music. Definitely worth checking out.

        I also went to a DVD release party at L'orignal and they put a nice spread for the party but everyone bought their own drinks. I would look into L'orignal in Old MTL,

      2. L'Ambroisise does a lot of weddings/engagements of all sorts. Nice food and drink. Just don't try to reserve a Saturday. They also have a private room for dancing.