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May 12, 2009 09:20 PM

Chicken in red pepper sauce at Stamford pizza joint... help

So, heading out from the city of Stamford years ago there was a small pizza/Italian place, run by an Italian older guy with a sporty car or two, in a little tiny strip mall in an otherwise slightly wooded suburban setting.

He had the best chicken breasts in some sort of mild-medium red pepper sauce. Does this ring a bell with anyone - either for the name of the restaurant or what that dish is called? I'm out in California now and would like to at least attempt it, or make note of the name of the restaurant if it's still running, for next time I'm back east.

I don't remember if that sauce had vodka in it, or if that place also served penne alla vodka. There was something about vodka.

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  1. I need a little more to go on. Slightly wooded where? Near Darien? Center of Stamford?

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      Say somewhere from the middle of Stamford heading out toward the Merritt... I don't think it was past the Merritt, if it was it only would've been by 1/2 mile or so. It wasn't right in town. Maybe on High Ridge or Long Ridge?

      So would go with that, forget the wooded comment for now. If you were heading out toward the Merritt from central Stamford it would've been on the left. Would've been a nondescript small strip mall or at least it was that and at least one other business of some kind. The restaurant would have been the farthest business on the right if you were facing the shops. Not fancy but decent, modest sit-down area. Older, heavy guy ran it and was a sports car collector.

      If you find something like that, ask if they have a chicken and red peppers dish... even if it's off-menu, ask, it's that good.

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        was it Michelina's...if so, then yes it is still there and still very good.

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          Thanks but no that wasn't it. Now I'm wondering if it was a takeoff on pollo alla vodka involving peppers. What is the dish you like at Michelina's called? (I'll at least try to find similar out here in L.A.!!!)

    2. Maybe "mario the baker" ? He's still there....and he was always into bmw's.

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        Ha - that's the one I keep going back to on Google Maps, trying to get an idea via streetview. If/when visiting back there, these two will be on my list. :)