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May 12, 2009 09:17 PM

Can you refreeze scallops?

I am using a bag of frozen scallops but we'll never be able to eat them all tonight. Can I refreeze the thawed scallops that I'm not using? They're still cold.

I realize they won't be as good the next time around but if the choice is between cooking them all, and putting half of the leftover seared scallops in the fridge and refreezing the excess...which is the better option?

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  1. No; shouldn't refreeze scallops. Once they've been thawed, cook 'em or toss 'em.
    Some people have suggested (on other forums) that you can refreeze them if they've been below 40 degrees the entire time they've been out of the freezer but that's difficult to verify so I wouldn't chance it. You cold cook them and then freeze them. Maybe use them later in a pasta dish?

    1. For all bagged shellfish, I only take out and thaw what I'll use then.

      1. I would think you could re-freeze them after they're cooked, but certainly not before. The texture would still not be as good, but I expect it would suffer less. You wouldn't want to serve these as a special stand-alone dish, but as todao suggests in a pasta dish or a seafood stew or paella or something like that they should be acceptable.

        1. cook them, but you don't have to cook them all the same way.

          sear some -- eat tonight
          poach some, use for a mousse -- it'll keep for a couple of days i think....or use these in a chilled seafood salad, with hearts of palm, maybe some shaved fennel or artichoke, evoo and lemon juice plus your favorite fresh herb.
          cook some in yellow rice -- maybe with some smoky sausage, mixed bell peppers, chopped onion, then freeze for an easy dinner later in the month.
          marinate some in lime juice for a ceviche starter.
          stir-fry some sliced in "coins" in an asian style (maybe with chilie-garlic and oyster sauces-- or fermented black bean sauce -- and green onions and red bell pepper, and re-heat tomorrow, serve within a day or so with some fresh steamed rice, maybe splashed with a little rice wine vinegar.

          just consider this "scallop week".

          1. Water is usually added to scallops before you buy them (except for the more expensive ones labeled "dry" scallops), so they'll likely be extra-rubbery if you refreeze them after they've exuded some of that water in thawing.