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does anyone like grapples?

yuck. i tried one the other day because they smelled so good but suffered a food spatial-disorientation attack. my eyes were processing different information than my tongue/nose and my brain got dizzy. does anyone actually like these things? is there really a market out for them?

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  1. the idea freaks me out! especially as i'm trying to move towards "purer" foods. i think i'll pass on that one.


    1. My kids love them, but I can't get past the smell. Ugh.

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        i actually think they smell awesome but taste completely weird. not disgusting but just wholly unappetizing

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          That is the first thing I smell in the fruit and veggie section of any supermarket carrying them and the last thing I want to smell in a food store. The aroma is so manufactured and unappetizing it should be sold as a diet smell. The last thing I want to do after a whiff of chemogrape is eat! BLECH! My kids share my views on this...we have programmed them to despise chemo flavours and they can detect them from a mile away.

      2. I did buy them twice! What was I thinking? The first time was to try them out of curiosity (but I ended up drowning most of them in a sangria). The second time was to force others to try them in a blind taste test. The novelty has worn off.

        1. I bought them a couple times when my grandson lived with us, and we liked them. Since he doesn't live here anymore I haven't bought them again, but I might go ahead and get some for him and his sister to see what they think of them now. She has never had one, and they are a bit pricey for my daughter to buy, so maybe Gigi will buy it for them. They love all fruit - they will probably like them.

          1. How interesting. I've never seen it in the stores yet, where do you buy them from. I would try it but I'm curious on what type of smell does it have?

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              Smells likes grapes. They taste somewhat of a combo of grape and apple, but they mostly smell like grapes. I got mine at my regular grocery store, Kroger's. They come in a plastic package of 4, and do cost more than your regular apples, but are very fresh and juicy. Good size, too.

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                They are regular apples that smell like Grape Bubble Yum. I'm not a fan.

              2. I love 'em. It's one of the few ways I can get my daughter to eat fruit. I should hang one from my rear view mirror. It beats the little cardboard pine trees.

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                1. I'd never heard of these until now. The idea of the product is kind of disturbing on its own, but the company's explanation makes it worse.
                  "There is nothing but flavor being infused into the apple." Because obviously "flavor" is always completely innocuous.
                  "The apple takes on no additional sugars or calories." Oh good, that means there is absolutely no juice being used in the flavoring. What a relief.

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                    I'd never heard of them, either, but I glanced at the link you provided and found the concept completely nauseating.

                    Just one question: why?!?

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                      "Ingredients: apples, natural and artificial flavor" ICK

                    2. I tried them once. Did not enjoy the artificial grape flavoring. But the apples they used were very crisp and sweet! It actually got me started on a little apple kick.

                      1. They cause cancer!...just kidding. but I've seen them and have very reluctant to buy them becasue if I don't like them I will go BALLISTIC. Please somebody tell me what do they taste like? And what's wrong the taste of a regular apple that we find the need to "improve" it. Why not infuse it with cinnamon?

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                          Hey, Stricken. I just sent the Grapple people an e-mail asking them to infuse their apples with cinnamon. How cool would that be?

                        2. I have stocked them at work. Personally I am holding out for tripe that tastes like prime rib.

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                          1. As an adventurous soul, I am proud to say that I LOVE GRAPPLES! As do about 12 of my office-mates, who love when I circulate the hall with a plate of grapple slices. My only wish is that they weren't so outrageously expensive. To anyone who hasn't tried them, please don't let your sense of logic and control divert your tastebuds on this. BTW, 99% of our diet at home would be what most would consider "purer" foods - I am NOT a fan of processed foods or Bubbleyum. LIVE A LITTLE - TRY 'EM!

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                              If by "purer" foods you mean apples that taste like apples and grapes that taste like grapes, than yes, the "worse" half does shop that way.

                              If I recall your office mates don't often run from food, if ever.

                              With as many wonderful options that can be had from both grapes and apples it offends my country mouse sensibilities to make either taste like a "Jolly Rancher" version of another fruit.

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                                Hey! You put your chocolate in my peanut butter!!

                            2. Addendum to my post above: Have you ever sprinkled lemon juice on apple slices to prevent them from turning brown? Even though the apples have a bit of a weird taste at first, I discovered that after refrigeration, they taste completely different and are delicious! If you enjoy the taste of that, I'm willing to bet you'd enjoy a Grapple. Really, the concept is very similar...

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                                I know that lemon juice and apple taste, and I am a fan of grape soda and grape jolly ranchers. I guess I'll try them.

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                                  Different people have different tastes...best to accept that...and move on!

                                  It is the way of the "Chowhound"

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                                    Good! I'll be interested in finding out what you think.

                                2. It's against nature to infuse any fruit with anything but vodka. If you are over 21 of course.

                                  1. Anybody read the bit on Grapples in "The Fruit Hunters" by Adam Leith Gollner? He went to the factory, interviewed the founder, and wrote a chapter about it. Never tried the things myself, but reading that pretty much turned me off for good. Apparently the grape flavoring was originally formulated as a bird repellent - no thanks. Great book, in any case; I highly recommend it.

                                    1. They are pricey at my market but I managed to get a package on sale. Meh- they were OK the grape bubble gum smell got a little nauseating after awhile. I wouldn't rush out to buy more at full price, that's for sure.

                                      1. I worked in a tiny office with a woman who loved them. The entire office smelled like grape Kool-Aid all afternoon. And grape flavored anything is my least favorite. Gross thing to do to a perfectly innocent apple.

                                        1. I never heard of these until I saw them in the supermarket for the first time today.
                                          Bought some out of curiosity. They were in one of those sealed transparent apple cases, so I couldn't smell them in the market.

                                          Taste and flavor are ok as a novelty, but in no way, shape, or form worth the premium cost (over $5 for 4 apples). I prefer the old-fashioned apple flavors for apples.

                                          And when I am eating fresh fruit, I like to believe it's (sort of) all-natural. The "artificial flavor" is kind of unsettling.

                                          Alas, not even apples are safe these days.