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May 12, 2009 08:48 PM

does anyone like grapples?

yuck. i tried one the other day because they smelled so good but suffered a food spatial-disorientation attack. my eyes were processing different information than my tongue/nose and my brain got dizzy. does anyone actually like these things? is there really a market out for them?

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  1. the idea freaks me out! especially as i'm trying to move towards "purer" foods. i think i'll pass on that one.


    1. My kids love them, but I can't get past the smell. Ugh.

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      1. re: toastnjam

        i actually think they smell awesome but taste completely weird. not disgusting but just wholly unappetizing

        1. re: eatinghabit

          That is the first thing I smell in the fruit and veggie section of any supermarket carrying them and the last thing I want to smell in a food store. The aroma is so manufactured and unappetizing it should be sold as a diet smell. The last thing I want to do after a whiff of chemogrape is eat! BLECH! My kids share my views on this...we have programmed them to despise chemo flavours and they can detect them from a mile away.

      2. I did buy them twice! What was I thinking? The first time was to try them out of curiosity (but I ended up drowning most of them in a sangria). The second time was to force others to try them in a blind taste test. The novelty has worn off.

        1. I bought them a couple times when my grandson lived with us, and we liked them. Since he doesn't live here anymore I haven't bought them again, but I might go ahead and get some for him and his sister to see what they think of them now. She has never had one, and they are a bit pricey for my daughter to buy, so maybe Gigi will buy it for them. They love all fruit - they will probably like them.

          1. How interesting. I've never seen it in the stores yet, where do you buy them from. I would try it but I'm curious on what type of smell does it have?

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            1. re: ChowinDown

              Smells likes grapes. They taste somewhat of a combo of grape and apple, but they mostly smell like grapes. I got mine at my regular grocery store, Kroger's. They come in a plastic package of 4, and do cost more than your regular apples, but are very fresh and juicy. Good size, too.

              1. re: ChowinDown

                They are regular apples that smell like Grape Bubble Yum. I'm not a fan.