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May 12, 2009 08:48 PM

How does your cooking compare with restaurants you usually frequent? - moved from Home Cooking board

Results are going to vary of course. But generally, do you consider your cooking to be better than or about as good as restaurants that you usually go to?

Let's leave out the high-end places you go to just a few times a year and the fabulous roast you make for the holidays. Day in and day out, what tastes better - yours or the chef's?

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  1. Depends, my grilled food is usually much better than restaurants, especially steaks. My bbq is better than most Q joints I have visited, brisket - ribs - chicken - pulled pork, all better than commercial outfits. But I don't have to make money and I buy great meat and baby my bbq.

    1. We do pretty well with grilled, chicken, steaks etc. Also comfort foods such as mac and cheese, pot roast, roast chicken and the like. Love to bake so have mastered many excellent baked items as well.

      Fried foods are a different story. Not that I eat fried stuff all that often but I think a commercial fryer makes all the difference. I have finally come close to mastering fried chicken. It is good not great and I am still working on it.

      I will say that even though I often think that I could make my meals at restaurants just as well at home, it is so nice to have someone else cook, serve and clean up.

      1. I never want to pay to eat out unless I know I will get better food than I can make at home. Because of that, we only eat out 3-5 times a year, and those are usually high end places. So my cooking is almost always worse than the restaurants I frequent.

        Now I'm curious.... am I in the minority?

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          I am *exactly* like you. I think we are in the minority here though! Unless I'm on vacation I cook dinner every night except for the 3 or 4 times a year we are celebrating something. I hate to pay for so-so food and I do consider myself a pretty good cook.

        2. For most everyday cooking I can generally do as well or better if I put my mind to it. But I am never gonna fry chicken like Popeye's or KFC, i don't have a wok or a commercial range so my stir fry, while not bad, is not as good as an above average restaurant, I don't have the ingredients on hand for say great pho (nor would i necessarily recognize them in the market), and I am unlikely to buy a pizza stone (I'm single with a small small kitchen, 50 square feet) I don't need to be making pizza. Nor am I likely to have the 9 different ingredients that some of my favorite places use to make salads.

          On the other hand I do a great meat loaf, above average lasagne and spaghetti (ok, maybe its not 'authentic') really good chili, excellent roasts and steaks, and I've been known to do some pretty good baking too. Not too exotic, but it all seems to disappear.

          And yes, more than I wish to admit, I do stoop to cream of mushroom soup, knorr and lipton soup mixes, and other un-chow-like shortcuts.

          1. I am as good or better..

            When I do go out to eat, it's for things I do not cook at home. Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Seafood.

            I cook alot of fish well, but don't bother to cook mussels or clams. I will order them
            out at a restaurant. Also, I'll be more apt to order an obscure fish dish that I don't make at home.

            I can't say the last time I had deep fried anything, so I wouldn't cook it or order it.

            And although I can make a great burger, there is just something that calls my name to BK's Quarter Pounder with cheese, once in awhile. :)