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May 12, 2009 08:38 PM

Mike's City Diner- Tomorrow Lunch

Going for "lunch" tomorrow, although I'm tempted by the pancakes... heard they are some of the best in the city. Any other particular recommendations? Thank you!

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  1. It's a diner
    It's cheap
    It's value for money
    and just eats

    try the turkey, corned beef or anything uncomplicated

    1. Sort of impossible to go wrong. There's an omelet I like with chili and cheddar, oddly satisfying. Pancakes and waffles are very, very good, as is the turkey sandwich. The hash and the home fries aren't awesome, merely solid. Portions are ginormous. Closes at 3pm.

      1. I'm a sucker for diner meatloaf. It's pretty good there. I find their breakfast items are nothing special. I'd rather do Charlie's for breakfast or Deluxe Town Diner for pancakes.

        1. If you are looking for lunch food, try their Pilgrim sandwich (turkey, cranberry sauce,stuffing), which is great. As for breakfast food, I'm partial to their SouthEnder omelet, which is corned beef hash and cheddar in the omelet.

          1. The original comment has been removed