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Hotel Bar with best ambiance in Vancouver

I am on the lookout for a good hotel bar to hole up for a Martini...i am not looking for anything trendy, yaletown, etc

i am looking for sophisticated elegance, but not so exclusive that they throw me out.

what do you people think

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  1. The Bacchus and Uva get my vote.

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      Moda Hotel
      900 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC V6B, CA

      Bacchus Restaurant & Lounge
      845 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1V1, CA

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        i'd second bacchus and add the Yew in the 4 seasons

      2. I like the piano bar at the Hotel Vancouver.
        The Pan Pacific bar had a fabulous view although I haven't been there since the new convention centre was finished so I'm not sure if there is any impact.

        1. Was just in Vancouver last week and stayed at Four Seasons. I will second thesuggestion for Yew. Very nice lounge.

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              Bacchus gets my vote too. Very nice!

            2. I should have added....which bar is open latest?? I think Bacchus closes relatively early or no? I would assume the hotel bars would stay open until later...

              1. I would give Bacchus a nod too! but I actually prefer Gerard in the Sutton Place Hotel.

                1. The top 3 choices that I favour are:
                  1) Yew at the Four Seasons - impeccable service, saddle up at the bar.
                  2) Bacchus - Wedgewood Hotel
                  3) Hotel Vancouver

                  None of these bars will throw you out for dressing casually. Yew at the Four Seasons may be esthetically trendy-ish, but it is still a classic Four Seasons and comes with the same level of service, quality etc you'd accept from their other properties. Bacchus might be a bit much for you at Happy Hour as it's packed with the afterwork office types, so I'd avoid 4-6 if you'd prefer some quiet.

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                      I find the quality of the drinks at Hotel Vancouver inconsistent, depending on the bartender. My friend that manages the front desk operations there agrees.

                    2. Certainly Bacchus is worth considering. This year, for the tenth consecutive year Bacchus at the Wedgewood has been recognized as the best Bar and Lounge on Vancouver by the Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards. Here’s what they had to say: “The city’s posh lounge scene has always been vibrant, but recessionistas are making these economical alternatives to fine dining all the more popular. This year’s list is topped by Bacchus Piano Lounge at the Wedgewood Hotel (Gold), where a good pour of scotch and a supple leather wingback can take you to a place where markets don’t crash. “This,” summed up one judge, “is where grownups go to play.”

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                        Just got back from a week vacation in Vancouver and we used the Vancouver guide list as our go-to guide. Bacchus is worth checking out, but it's a much older crowd. I'd say if you are 40 and over, you might enjoy it.

                        Somene mentioned Uva, it's way too trendy for what you might be looking for. Check out their website.

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                          Heehee, I'm 29 and I've been going there for a few years. But I have heard it said that I am an "old soul".

                      2. After a long day at court in Vancouver, I love the gin martinis at Bacchus (well, i did love them until about 7 months ago, and I'll love them again as soon as the baby weans). They're tres cher, but so delicious. Love the ambience - excellent comfy chairs, piano player, great service. And the doormen are the best in town at getting you a cab during rush hour.

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                          Bacchus is a really nice room and a great place to drink a beer. When I was there the bartender didn't know how to make an old fashioned or a sazerac. I don't know anywhere for great classic cocktails in Vancouver- there's lots of fennel seed and apple sauce drinks and cinnamon, crab juice and grape extraction type drinks- but not any place I've been to that can make the classics well. I have a feeling the Hotel Vancouver lounge might have a good bartender, but I haven't tried it yet.

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                            Not all at hotel bars...David Wolowidnyk (West), Jay Jones (Voya), Mark Brand (The Diamond), Josh Pape (The Diamond) and Steve De La Cruz (Corner Suite Bistro) all know the classics. Try these guys....(The Diamond and Corner Suite are not yet open)

                            The Diamond looks interesting - four great bartenders will be running the bar...Two VanMag Bartenders of the Year - Mark Brand, Josh Pape (who also won Silver at Giffard); Sophie Taverner (The Cascade) and Charles Ainsbury (who won Australian Bartender of the Year). It will be a bartending school in the day and a lounge/bar/restaurant at night. (They are serving Asian tapas - something I think is a bit overdone in this town...let's see how that goes.)

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                              I agree with Mawson and Fmed. I would add the following into "bartenders who know what they're doing":

                              Nick Devine - Cascade Room
                              JT - Market

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                                fmed; do u know if The Diamond is open yet? I've heard rumours but haven't had the chance to take a walk down there to confirm. Anyone?

                          2. I agree with fmed with UVA winebar. It's kind of small and impossible on a weekend but it's very chillin on a week night. Comfy chairs, good wine, no stress.

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                              No trip to Uva is complete without trying the bone marrow salad. It's a famous dish created by the chef at St. John's restaurant in London. I didn't know that anyone across the pond was making it so it was a bonus. I'll be back again for the salad the next time I'm in Vancouver.