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May 12, 2009 08:17 PM

La Cachette Closing in July

I think it's pretty sad that La Cachette will be closing in 2.5 months in favor of his more casual Santa Monica bistro. One of my earlier experiences of fine French food in LA was here many, many years ago. Terrific foie gras served here.

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  1. I've had wonderful asparagus, desserts, great bread and butter. First time I had wasabi flavored masago over swordfish I believe. Veal daube. Sad to see it go, not many spots like this.

    1. The food was good, but the last time I was there was several years ago when, as a single diner, the waiter treated me as if I had leprosy. I wrote them a letter, never even received the courtesy of a reply, and never went back again. I won't particularly miss them.

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        That's too bad and I understand how crappy service can ruin the experience.

        That being said, what I've heard is that the place isn't as good if Meteigner is not around. I went there last year and everything was good, especially the foie gras.