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May 12, 2009 07:29 PM

Quick visit to Vancouver & Victoria, with Kids

We are making a short trip up to Victoria and Vancouver - two nights each.

I just finished reading a great thread about Victoria and feel pretty good about our visit. A little concerned that we will be there Sunday May 17 and Monday May 18 - will anything be opened?? Please recommend some places to eat - off the beaten path, interesting adventuresome that might be open either day, we've heard that Monday is a holiday.

Vancouver: right now I am interested in Guu with Garlic, Gyoza King - how about a great breakfast place for a Saturday? Thanks

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  1. Yes, Monday is a holiday. Sundays and Mondays are hard for eating out in Victoria at the best of times. But most of the recs in the Kid Friendly Victoria thread should be open anyway - e.g. Red Fish Blue Fish, Noodle Box, maybe Hernandez (the Bay St location), Il Posto pizza.

    In terms of interesting or off the beaten path in Victoria I would suggest Nar Bistro in Oak Bay for Turkish food - likely to be open all weekend as they are a family run little place struggling to make it.

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      Check out Cafe Medina for your Sat breakfast in Vancouver. The short ribs are killer, though the way they fry eggs takes a bit of getting used to. Try the flavoured coffees as well if you go.

      Medina Cafe
      556 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC V6B2L3, CA

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        Pizzeria Primastrada in Victoria if you want real pizza. Best pizza in town, hands down (the only real pizza in town).

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        Went to Hernandez ( the Bay St location) recently with our 10 month old in tow. The food was fabulous and very fresh although they were out of some of the limited menu items. Just a note that there is very limited seating (1 table of 2, one of 4 and one larger picnic style table with benches inside, about 4 small tables for 2 outside) and no highchairs or booster seats. Also no beverages except bottled water and beer were available although it looked like they might have some sort of sweet juice/pop available sometimes, the dispenser was empty.

      3. The 'hounds led us and our kids to Primastrada in Victoria and we loved it. Perfect for adults who care what they eat, but want their kids to belly up as well.

        In Vancouver, we've never taken the kids to the two Japanese places you mentioned but that's just a matter of geography. Pretty sure you can't go wrong there. As an alternative, we do take them to Zakkushi, the current family favourite. There are 3 locations. We've only been to the one on west 4th, and we go right when they open (5:30?). They take reservations. They have great yakitori and spinach salads AND have korubuta (sp??), ie hotdogs, on skewers. Afterwards you can walk up the hill to Scoop!, a frozen yogurt bar, design your own sundae and play fussball.