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May 12, 2009 06:58 PM

Bonaire Delight at Mi Banana

I first heard of this Columbian run hole in the wall about 3 years ago. My Columbian friend said it was amazing. I have been a handful of times and cannot say how simply amazing this spot is. The owner features fresh fish (tonight we all had Mahi Mahi) in garlic sauce or creole. The sides are lovely rice, boiled or friend yucca, potato fries or plantains. You may combine two starches. The salad features fresh shredded veggies and tomato in a lovely light dressing. The drinks include fresh juices and of course we all had some Bacardi to enhance the flavours. (grin). Sadly we had no room for the homemade tres leche cake, or the rum flan. Another time..

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  1. @phelana, do you know what days of the week / hours Mi Banana is open? Last time I was in Bonaire, we drove by a couple of times and they were closed. We're coming back next week and want to make sure we catch it on the right night.