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May 12, 2009 06:58 PM

fresh baked pita bread

I am looking for somewhere where I can purchase fresh made pita bread on a regular basis -will to travel but would love to find a place near eastern queens (Bayside)-Thanks T

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  1. The best places I know are in brooklyn. Bedouin Tent is my favorite, Fattoosh is good too.

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      But those are restaurants, and don't sell pitas like a bakery. I think the OP is looking for a bakery. Also, the pitas at Fatoosh, Bedouin Tent and Olive Vine are great when hot, but they won't really hold up to travel and later use, IMO.

    2. Damaskus bakery on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn, the ones in the no name packages at the far end of the counter. I think $0.75 for 6

      1. Not close, but there is Pita Sababa Bakery, 520 Kings Hwy (roughly halfway between Ocean Parkway and McDonald Ave on Kings Hwy).

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          at the halal butcher, on the east side of steinway, about 7 stores south of 25th ave, at or near 2555 steinway, they sell great handmade pita. it's made somewhere in brklyn. really good. you can also find it in a few other places nearby, if they're out. or on 108th street in rego park, at carmel foods.

        2. DAMASCUS BAKERY on Atlantic Avenue makes all their own Pita fresh daily. They have several different kinds, and different sizes. I find their bread to be the best. I also love their Zatar.

          All of these are very fresh, and freeze beautifully.

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            Family Bakery in 5th ave in Bay Ridge (not to be confused with Family Store, which is on 3rd) also makes fresh baked Pita bread. Its on 5th ave and Senator Street, very near the Bay Ridge Ave stop on R train. Excellent pastries, too.

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              Wet Towel,
              Do you happen to know if there is still a small Middle Eastern bakery on 3rd Ave around 77th-78th St? Just a small storefront.near a little gift shop. For the life of me I cannot recall the name but I remember on weekends customers used to come from as far as Nj/Pa to pick up bags and bags of pita bread. They sometimes set a per customer limit and despite that they always used to sell out early. Thanks! :-)

          2. Not far from you at all, is Queens Pita, in Kew Garden Hills they make it fresh all day long. They supply Hapisgah, and lots of other nearby places. Naomi's falafel is good ,too, they are next door. Another great spot very close to you that is great for spinach triangles, string cheese, and freshly made flatter style pita (lebanese style), is Ararat on the LIE service Road just before springfield blvd, heading eastbound.

            Queens Kosher Pita
            68-38 Main St, Queens, NY 11367

            Ararat Bakery
            220-16 Horace Harding Expy, Queens, NY 11364