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May 12, 2009 06:54 PM

how many cooks are in this kitchen?

Im curious to know hoe many professional cooks hang out here. I used to think I wanted to be a cook and worked my way up but then realized I'd rather cook for myself and friends then as a job.

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  1. As an old, old man I can tell you one thing I have learned in life. DO NOT make your hobby your work. It becomes no fun anymore.

    1. i used to think the same thing until I started watching Hell's Kitchen etc. That coupled with the long hours and nights and weekends made me realize that I was wearing rose colored glasses.

      1. I'm a professional Personal Chef, who works for a number of clients preparing two weeks of dinners at a time; plus 'in home catering' of dinner parties "for 2 to 200".

        I have to disagree with BillieBoy. You *can* make your passion your profession, but you have to have standards. And my standards do not include the rigors of 'working the line' in a restaurant kitchen. Been there; done that; got the flat feet and bad back to prove it.

        Restaurant cooking is not creative; it's dull, boring, repetitive, nearly-slave labor. Only way I'd work in a restaurant again is if I were at least part owner and it was either a "no fixed menu, every night is different" place; or some other small house/top quality food place.

        Being a Personal Chef is being creative every day, with every cooking for every client. Check out the United States Personal Chef Association if you'd like to cook for a living.

        1. I can't totally agree with billieboy on this one but I do think he has a valid point. I've been at this a long time. When I was young it was just a job. It paid the bills. After several years as a Chef I became far more passionate about cooking and food.
          I've seen it work the other way as well. People think it's all glamour and no one tells them about the 12 hour plus days and working every night, weekend and holiday. And then you have to actually be able to cook unlike many of the reality show rejects. Worse yet a lot of kids go to culinary school as some sort of de-facto career choice because mom and dad tell them they have to go to school. The number of culinary school graduates that never work in the field or don't make it more than a year is staggering.
          Being a professional chef or cook is one thing you better love because for most it sure won't make you rich or offer a great quality of life.

          1. I also thought I wanted to be a chef until I realised that most professional chefs I know or have read about eat badly and hardly ever cook for themselves or their families. I agree that certain passions are best kept as hobbies or they become routine and drudgery. I would hate it for food to become my duty rather than my joy but I still dream about owning a natural food cafe later in life and being involved in devising the menus and sourcing ingredients but never in cooking them for customers.