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May 12, 2009 06:24 PM

Per Se or Jean-Georges

We're going to visit New York City for a long weekend in June. I was wondering if Per Se or Jean-Georges is a better selection. I understand the food at both is excellent.


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  1. Having been to both I would say Jean Georges is a better value but Per Se is better on an absolute basis. So if you have money to burn or you have to have the absolute best no matter what, Per Se. Otherwise Jean Georges. Either way, you are in for a treat.

      1. Per Se, for me, is the better overall experience. In fact, it is my favorite elite restaurant in New York.

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        1. re: silencespeak

          Depending on how long the weekend is, how about a lunch at Jean Georges (I think they only offer lunch during the week) and a dinner at Per Se (on different days)? I've been to lunch and dinner at JG, and found that lunch was a much better value. The dinner experience I had there was very good, but nowhere near as amazing as my two experiences at Per Se.

          1. re: twiggles

            JG has lunch on Saturday...just reserved.

            1. re: rcburli

              I now have a reservation for lunch on Saturday and dinner on Monday for Per Se. We might be able to afford to come back for awhile!!!

        2. I say solve this by being a glutton - JG for Lunch, Per Se for dinner.........or, if on the weekend, Per Se for Lunch and JG for dinner. :-)

          1. For me, this is a no-brainer: Jean Georges.