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Per Se or Jean-Georges

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We're going to visit New York City for a long weekend in June. I was wondering if Per Se or Jean-Georges is a better selection. I understand the food at both is excellent.


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  1. Having been to both I would say Jean Georges is a better value but Per Se is better on an absolute basis. So if you have money to burn or you have to have the absolute best no matter what, Per Se. Otherwise Jean Georges. Either way, you are in for a treat.

      1. Per Se, for me, is the better overall experience. In fact, it is my favorite elite restaurant in New York.

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          Depending on how long the weekend is, how about a lunch at Jean Georges (I think they only offer lunch during the week) and a dinner at Per Se (on different days)? I've been to lunch and dinner at JG, and found that lunch was a much better value. The dinner experience I had there was very good, but nowhere near as amazing as my two experiences at Per Se.

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            JG has lunch on Saturday...just reserved.

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              I now have a reservation for lunch on Saturday and dinner on Monday for Per Se. We might be able to afford to come back for awhile!!!

        2. I say solve this by being a glutton - JG for Lunch, Per Se for dinner.........or, if on the weekend, Per Se for Lunch and JG for dinner. :-)

          1. For me, this is a no-brainer: Jean Georges.

            1. I would go with Jean Georges. I think Per Se is a terrific experience, but whether it's because it's been over-hyped or because I'm just finding myself less and less interested in the Manhattan fancy restaurant experience these days, I came away somewhat underwhelmed. I think Jean Georges doesn't have the same weight of expectations and while I think Per Se has a much more beautiful dining room, I just think the value you get and the cooking you get is a notch better at JG.

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                I agree, do both - that's what I'm doing!!

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                  Actually I have reservations at both but was thinking of canceling one - I know how hard it is to get into the French Laundry so decided to take the ressie and then decide what to do!

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                    I've been to both and prefer Jean-Georges to Per Se. But if you don't do Per Se, you will always wonder what you are missing. So my suggestion is take advantage of the wonderful lunch deal at JG, and have dinner at PS.

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                  How are the portions at JG?

                  Do they include extra amuses?

                  I have had mixed experiences with fine dining restaurants. Del Posto gave miniscule portions, while I loved Eleven Madison Park (just right portions, great extras).

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                    A triptych of amuses (usually on one plate).

                    Chocolates, macarons, and marshmallow cart at the end. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/ulterior...


                    If you think the portion sizes at EMP are perfect, I think you'll be very happy at Jean Georges.

                3. Per Se. Not to say that Jean Georges would not also blow you away (it is my 2nd or 3rd favorite restaurant in NY), but if you can afford it Per Se will absolutely blow you away. They differ somewhat in style with JG being a little more cutting edge in its flavor profiles, a little more french with asian influences. Per Se tends to be more straightforward and playful (in the sense of taking standard foods or preparations and twisting them in a completely new way- eg the salmon ice cream cone). Both have dishes that I will always remember and both are lovely spaces, actually across the street from one another. The overall Per Se experience, service, care, countless extra dishes, personalized touches, etc were what really set it apart for me. BTW, the JG lunch is a great idea and one of the best deals in town. Either way, have a great time.

                  1. Quite honestly after my meal at The French Laundry earlier this year, I'd have been at Per Se in a heartbeat if I'd have planned my trip earlier and there were seats available.

                    I fully admit a huge love of Thomas Keller, but quite honestly it is justified - all 21 (including amuses and mignardises) courses of my extended tasting were mindblowing aside from the cheese which just wasn't my style. I've been to all the Yountville stops, both places in Vegas, and the Bakery/Cafe in NYC and never once had a bad item.

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                      We loved our meal at French Laundry - haven't been successful in getting another reservation, tho.

                    2. You cannot go wrong with either! Per Se is a set menu and truly a night to remember. Jean George will offer up more choices and is an incredible restaurant as well . I think if you don't get in that often and you dont mind spending that kind of money and you love a wide range of food go with Per se otherwise, Jean George. Again, both are truly outstanding

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                        Jean Georges is great ,, that would be my pick,,, but this weekend i was at the French Laundry,,, all I can say is OMG and yes they took me to the cleaners

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                          HA! yeah FL is amazing but I'm glad I live far, far away from there - I can't imagine paying that much for food again, but it was worth every penny!

                          You could always eat at the Per Se Salon - isn't it open 7 nights starting at 5:30? still expensive, but cheaper than the tasting menus....

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                          This is our first visit to NYC in 30 years - we selected Per Se based on The French Laundry's reputation (and I actually found it easier to get a reservation at Per Se then FL). Sounds like both places would be good choices.