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May 12, 2009 06:09 PM

date #2, UES near 2nd Ave/88th

First date was at Cavatappo Wine Bar, 2nd b/w 89th & 90th. Went well, but the venue was very small, we sat on stools near the door ... no back to the stools ... I'm old.

I'm looking for something that will facilitate conversation. Not too fancy ... neighborhood type place would be good. Keep it in her neighborhood. Cuisine isn't too important ... food should be good but not like we have to pay attention to it and savor it.

whadaya think? This will be Friday night.

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  1. There is Per Ella (sp?) on Lex bet 89/90 which is Turkish and very tasty. Has good stuff for veggie types. Also, further uptown is Cambodian Cuisine on 3rd or 2nd (I can't remember specific address, but it is close enough I think). I assume it is still open. Also very nice.

    Have fun no matter where you end up!

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    1. re: BratleFoodie

      Peri Ela gets mixed reviews from what I can see. Website for Cambodian Cuisine says they're closed, greedy landlord, et. al.

      any other thoughts? I'm open to Turkish, will have to see if she is.

      Peri Ela
      1361 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10128

      1. re: Marine Engineer

        I went to Peri Ela a couple of years ago and considered it decidedly mediocre and highly overpriced. I would strongly discommend it.

    2. Just went to SFOGLIA last night for the first time-I LOVED it-sat at bar-u really need reservations. @92/Lex. I had as a starter the parppadelle alla bolognese-deep rich lab sauce-i wished i got the larger size but kept room for thier delightful roasted chicken. I am glad I tried this place. Many people get confused with SPIGOLO-my normal favorite at 81st/2nd due to the name. Conclusion-both are great!

      1. Flex Mussels could be a good spot on 82nda bet 3rd and Lex. Went there the other night and it was great!

        1. york grill - 89th and york
          land northeast thai - 81st and 2nd
          etats unis (or the etats unis wine bar across the street) 81st west of 2nd
          tenzan sushi - 89th and 2nd
          genesis - 2nd between 88 and 89
          cafe alsace
          naruto ramen 89th and 3rd

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          1. re: thew

            Etats Unis would be my choice if "not too fancy" refers to the environment of the place rather than the cost. If "not too fancy" means moderate pricing, it might not be the right restaurant for this date (granted we don't all agree on what "moderate pricing" means, but many people would classify EU as "expensive"). For reference, my gf and I usually spend $200-$300 on dinner there. The food is terrefic, and the bill somewhat inflated by our tendancy to order expensive-ish wine.

          2. beyoglu is a good spot. share the mezz platter and a salad over a bottle of wine. i would sit downstairs or outside if the weather is nice. vero is also a good spot but might be too similar to cavatappo.

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            1. re: fein

              A second rec for: Beyoglu, Sfoglia (if you can get in), and Flex Mussels (if she's in to seafood)
              Would also recommend Uva:


              1. re: LeahBaila

                i second uva must sit in the back garden. food is ok but the ambiance makes it.

              2. re: fein

                Thank you! I was raking my brain for the name of Beyoglu! It is terrific food, casual but still nice, and a great value. The most appropriate recommendation in this thread, AFAIC.