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May 12, 2009 05:59 PM

Southwicks Zoo - Anything good in the area?

Heading to the Southwicks zoo this wwekend and was hoping to go for lunch in the area. Something good for families. Thanks

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  1. 1) Great drive-in takeout place with picnic tables, etc., very kid friendly:
    George's Surf & Turf - 116 Uxbridge Rd (Rt 16), Mendon, MA
    (about 2 miles away)

    2) Nice large family restaurant, something for the whole family
    Lowell's Restaurant - 75 Cape Rd, Mendon, MA
    (about 5 miles away)

    Hope this helps....

    1. Rebecca's Place in Mendon, 1 Maple street...I've had breakfast there often, the food is very good, freshly made and they have some unusual choices. I've looked at the lunch menu and it also has interesting choices. Think upscale diner type place...