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May 12, 2009 05:49 PM

Best seafood?

Hello, I'm visiting Boston and was wondering what would be one or two of the best local seafood restaurants. I've done a decent amount of searching and have come up with B&G Oyster, Neptune Oyster, Catch, Oceanaire Room and Legal Seafood.

In terms of style of restaurant, we would be looking for more of a traditional seafood
restaurant (i.e. Legal or Oceanaire) as opposed to a raw bar but are open to any good suggestions.

Thanks for any feedback.

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  1. I would add Atlantic Fish to the list.

    FYI- Don't know where you're staying, but Catch is in the suburb of Winchester, about 6 or so miles from downtown.

    1. Oceanaire, elegant and delicious.

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        I seems strange to say that a (small) chain is the best seafood option in Boston, however I agree, if you are looking for what you describe as a more 'traditional' seafood restaurant, Ocenaire is the best in Boston (and its not even close IMO). I have never had a bad dish or piece of fish that is not 100% fresh there. Before everyone here melts down, I am excluding Neptune in that comment.

        In addition, Oceanaire's raw bar is excellent, they have a good selection of wine by the glass and it is a beautiful space. It is quite expensive, but not much more so than places like Legal's and Atlantic Fish, and I feel you get much better quality for your $ at Oceanaire.

        My one knock on them is that the portions are huge. Someone commented that it is like the steakhouse model applied to seafood, and I think that is accurate. I usually think of a seafood meal on the healthy end of the spectrum of what I eat, but I have left Oceanaire feeling like I am going to pop due to downing too many of the salt & vinegar matchstick fries or the like.

        My other knock was that there was no previously no TV behind the bar to check game scores (particularly important this time of year, I forgot how awesome it is to have the C's and B's going deep into the playoffs). They remedied that early on with a bit of arm twisting, the GM was originally against it (corporate policy), but they soon realized Boston was a bit different particularly if they wanted the after work financial district cocktail crowd.