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Pagosa Springs/Durango/Pueblo CO

Spending a week in the Pagosa Springs area, will be in Durango and Pueblo as well. Any suggestions?


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  1. What are you interested in: cuisine, price range. I can help with Durango.

    1. My single favorite hang in the area is Lady Falconburgh's Barley Emporium. Way better than average pub fare, HUGE selection of beers on tap, excellent service. free WiFi.

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      1. Pagosa Springs is pretty much a meat-and-potatoes town. If you like Tex-Mex, border food, try Rojas. They make the best chile con queso I've every had (http://culinary-colorado.blogspot.com...). You might also check out Restaurant Fifteen Twenty-One (123 North Main Street, Pueblo; 719-542 -9999). Owner/chef Duy Pham (Southeast Asian heritage, classical French culinary training) opened it a few months back. I haven't been there.

        Durango: Asian/Asian fusion, East by Southwest and the place across the street whose name I can never remember. Barbecue, two Serious Texas BBQ locations, one south and one north of town. Greek/Mediterranean, Cyprus Cafe. Steak and more, Magnolia. Contemporary fine dining, Ken and Sue's, Cosmopolitan, Seasons. Baked goods, Bread and Jean-Pierre (the latter morphed into a wine bar too). The Palace was opened by one of Oprah's former chefs, but I've never been there.Southern, Gazpacho's. Several brewpubs.

        1. Durango breakfasts, in order of my favorite to least favorite
          College Drive Cafe
          Durango Diner

          The last 2 are very much diners, the first two not so much.

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            I would agree with Claire about East by Southwest for sushi/sushimi, as well as cooked dishes at dinner. The place directly across College Drive is called Sushitarian, which also satisfies. Gazpacho's is good Mexican fare, as is Tequila's on Main Avenue. Kennebec Cafe, with its newly enlarged space, is also worth a visit for Mediterranean fare, although approximately a 10-minute drive west of town. No mention of dining in Durango could be complete without mention of Hamilton Chop House at Tamarron Resort. Great wild game and seafood.

            Would have to respectfully disagree about Carver's, as the prevalent taste there has always seemed to be cardboard, although beer lovers seem to have found their niche.

            I understand Wednesday through Friday afternoon, Chuck Norton has appetizers at his Highway 3 restaurant, including oysters on the half shell.

            I would recommend breakfast at Christina's, west of town, for breakfast, especially if they still offer the fish and egg daily specials.

            Have a great visit!

          2. Durango:

            Oscar's~ Diner food with that oh so good breakfast ($)

            Carvers~ Microbrewery good for breakfast ($)

            Jean-Pierre~ Bakery/eatery. Great for lunch and a quick snack ($)

            Seasons~ Newly remodeled after a fire. Casual fine dinnig ($$$)

            Serious Texas BBQ~ Best BBQ I've ever had! The pulled pork sandwich and cheesy potatoes are to die for! ($)

            East by Southwest~ The mojito is the best I've ever had. Pad Thai is delish as are most of the rolls. ($$$)

            ***My dollar signs are in accordance with SW pricing which is lower than the pricing scale I use in Chicago.


            1. Our absolute favorite is Guido's Market on Main. You can take out for a wonderful picnic along the banks of the Animas or you can dine in for lunch or dinner. It is first class Italian.

              Our second favorite place is Kennebec; it is worth the short drive from Durango. Just drove by this afternoon, they have entrees from $12 to 14 on menu daily. We have NEVER had anything but top notch food there, be is a burger or the most elaborate special. Their fish is the best in the area, we were told they have it flown in daily. It is a really beautiful place, set in a truly scenic SW mountain area


              I will add Steamworks for the best beers and brewery food. there cajun boil is good and fun


              Bart's NY Deli for great sandwiches, their chicken salad rocks. It is on a road that leads from town to 550 {Highway 3]


              Ate at Seasons a couple of weeks ago, it was disappointing -

              I have to disagree with the recommendation for Jean Pierre. We have given it a number of tries, but it just doesn't do it. If they can get quiche right, there isn't much to be said for them. The pastry is overpriced, dry and pretty bland.

              Christina's does a decent job of breakfast and lunch.

              Gazpacho's for the best job at New Mexican [not Mexican] cuisine with decent green chile.


              Hamilton Chop House at Tammaron [north of town] is excellent, pretty place and pretty expensive.

              A more reasonable place - Ore House has good steaks.

              Chez Grandmere for $$$ french. 3 Depot Plaza. Tiny, hard to find [in parking lot behind Ralph Lauren outlet store] dinner only.

              Mutu's Italian Kitchen is very good 701 E. Second Ave
              Mamma's Boy on the northern end of town - good pizza and solid Italian [but not in same league as Guido's



              I had big issues with Ken & Sue's and will not recommend it. Food was good, service was a disgrace and managements lack of interest in problem takes it off my list.

              Cosmopolitan is over priced, small portioned and has Telluride prices. The food was done well, but why go there when there are so many other options.

              I agree that Carver's can be skipped.


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                Serious Texas BBQ... if you're on the go, try the Texas Taco. It's basically flatbread wrapped around pork BBQ, hash browns and cheese. $4 for an absolutely delicious (in a greasy way), hugely filling meal. I'm very, very glad I don't live in Durango, as I would eat these every day and be 450 lbs and, most likely, dead.

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                  You've got plenty of great recommendations for Durango. Pueblo is a culinary wasteland, although Restaurant Fifteen Twenty-One is the exception. As to restaurants in Pagosa Springs, here's a link to a story I wrote for Sunset: http://www.sunset.com/travel/rockies/.... Enjoy your trip!

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                    Nice article. Which issue of Sunset was that in, I don't remember seeing it?