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May 12, 2009 04:42 PM

London restaurant recommendations

I am traveling to London next week with my family. I used to live there and know the city well, but my father is of the mind that British food is awful and not worth his time. I want to take him out to a fabulous meal while there. But not too pricey. I love Home, like St. Johns (pricey), Zuma. Would like to go some place new and wonderful. Any suggestions?

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  1. bit more traditional maybe Cafe Anglais.

    more modern perhaps try Launceston Place. Tristan Welch is doing some really interesting things there.

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      Both Moro and Cafe du Marche are great for a special meal. Moro is Spanish/Moorish and has a lovely atmosphere; Cafe du Marche is French - beautiful room etc. More reviews on

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        I'd second Moro - great food and lively atmosphere (it can get a bit noisy so maybe not the best place for an intimate dinner). Cafe Anglais also a good suggestion and maybe Arbutus or Wild Honey?

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          Yes Moro can get noisy and needs to be booked ahead - open for lunch too. Cafe du Marche is more intimate/romantic and does a fantastic cote du boeuf to share with salad and frites - the set menu is around £33 a head. Unfortunately unless you are going for something like turkish, pakistani or vietnamese, the good restaurants in London are all pretty pricey. Some good deals around for pre-theatre menus such as Wild Honey or Arbutus, mentioned above.

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          cafe du marche is a bit blah isn't it? certainly not a destination.

          that said, Moro could be interesting though I kinda got the impression they were looking for British Food.

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            Have you been to Corrigan's - I haven't, but it should be good for British food. I can't imagine you haven't been. :-)

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              Cafe du Marche a bit blah? Hmmm not in my books - to me it's understated and authentic. I guess that's blah to some people. And Zuma is Japanese so I am assuming they are open to food other than British.

        3. If you think St John is expensive then most of the other recommendations are going to stretch the budget. IMO St John is very good value relative to other restaurants.

          You may find the Harwood Arms a better bet, really fantastic British food with a game slant. It is a pub so quite reasonably priced - although not to far off St John. Don't miss the venison scotch eggs - they would convert the most hard hearted sceptic. It is in Fulham so a bit of a trip from the centre.

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            Yes, at least for lunch, I found that St. John was quite reasonable. (PhilD - is St John the correct spelling and I've been spelling it wrong?) If it helps the OP at all, here's a link to my quick visit (but lots of chow) in February:


            I also enjoyed Hereford Road (chef used to be at St. John I believe), though I think it's gotten mixed reviews on this board. I thought it was also well priced.

            Here's the thread I got with recommendations before I left New York:


          2. If you're talking about the Home on Leonard Street in Shoreditch (or whatever the street is that starts out as Leonard Street at City Road), it's not as good as it used to be.

            How about the Anchor & Hope in Waterloo?

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              Seconding this. The Sunday roast there is fantastic, for example.

            2. We've always liked North Sea Fish Restaurant in Bloomsbury on Leigh Street. Excellent fish and chips as well as other fish dishes.