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McDonald's charging for Big Mac sauce now?

I went to a McD's the other day and got my usual double cheesburgers with Mac sauce. They charged me 30 cents per for the sauce! Historicaily, Mac sauce has been free, so a double with Mac sauce is a good arbitrage play vs buying an actual Big Mac. Is this a new national policy for McDonald's or a rogue franchisee?

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  1. I don't know if it's national or just your local franchisee, but I don't see how only one Mcd's would do that. It's a matter of the register and that most don't know how to figure things out on their own. I'm serious, they don't really teach math in school, just how to operate a calculator to get answers.

    Charging for the sauce. ......What are they thinking? It's a condiment for pete's sake. Once they start charging for that and get away with it, you'll see salt, pepper, mustard, etc. also following suit.

    I need to go as I'm now getting a Big Mac attack. I'm disabled and can't drive so I can't just go get one...or two.

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      They charge for condiments in Europe at McD's. A little container of ketchup (similar to the Mcnuggets sauce containers here in the US) was nearly $1 in Bucharest.

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        The McDonald's by work is charging $3.79 for one Big Mac or two for $3.50.

        You have to buy two...or at least order two.

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            Clairmont Mesa Blvd, South East of 163. They also do $1.29 Filet o Fish Fridays all year.

      2. Just grab a pack of ketchup and one of mayo and mix the two. Voila: instant mac sauce.

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          That may be the "special sauce" at one place, but the Mac Sauce is Thousand Island dressing. I may be wrong, but I think the Big Mac was inspired partly by the Reuban sandwich. That sandwich is filled with stuff I wouldn't eat by itself, corned beef, sauerkraut, TI dressing, but put them together and the Reuban is an excellent sandwich. The Big Mac I don't see as a burger at all. It's a hamburger sandwich. The difference is I do indeed have Big Mac attacks, but I never have Quarter Pounder attacks. I hate lettuce, but love it on a big mac.

          $1 for ketchup? Is tomatoes rare in Hungary? That would explain the price. That's an interesting little dilemma.

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            Isn't that what thousand island is? mayo ,ketchup and relish mixed together?

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              Bucharest is in Romania, but when I was in Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, etc there was always a charge for condiments. When I asked the clerk in Romania she said it was so the poor Gypsy children did not spend their days eating condiments. Napkins, stir thingies, straws, etc. were also kept behind the counter.

              Here in Israel there is a charge for BBQ or Sweet/Sour sauce, and depending on the McDonalds cheese is a shekel extra.

          2. They've been charging for extra condiments at McDonald's in Los Angeles. I haven't been in almost a year, but they informed me that I would be charged extra when I asked for more sauce for my nuggets.

            I don't remember how many they originally gave me, but I knew it wouldn't be enough, so I asked for an extra one.

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              Yeah, but do they charge you for ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise?

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                I'm not sure. I never ask for any of those.

            2. I get steak, egg and cheese bagel sandwichs with extra sauce and extra onions, and 1 out of maybe 15 times the cashier will charge me 30 cents for the extra sauce. I have never raised a fuss about it, but the next time it happens I will complain and tell them that I order this all the time and am NEVER charged for it.

              1. They've been charging me for Mac sauce for at least 3 years now in Toronto (well, some locations).

                On some of my trips to Rochester/Buffalo, I've been charged $0.20 for a little dab of mayonnaise on my double cheeseburger!

                1. Instead of extra charges, they could improve their bottom line by not wasting the packaged condiments and napkins the way they do. A half-dozen salt and pepper packets, and as many napkins, seem to be in every bag. If I ask for "a couple of ketchup packets" at the drive-thru, they'll try to give me a fist-ful. I guess I need to say "two".

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                    Dang, the ones down here you're lucky if you get any napkins or any condiments if you don't specifically request them.

                  2. Do they charge you if you ask for extra sauce on a Big Mac?

                    1. I remember the good old days when they wouldn't charge you for a second sauce to go with your 6 nuggets (I could never decide between bbq and sweet n sour)


                      1. That's a shame - I love a ghetto big mac (double cheeseburger w/ free mac sauce)

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                          viola......the reason why they charge for mac sauce. When people start abusing the system this is what happens. The restaurants make little to no money (even lose money in the case of burger king) on the $1 double cheeseburgers, so when people ask for extras like mac sauce this is putting them even further in the hole.

                          im hardly on the side of big corporations, and am pissed myself when i get charged for extra s&s for my nuggets, but its understandable given the current economic conditions.

                          and the "dont they make enough money already" argument is just laughable. do any of us make ENOUGH money? there is never enough....especially when corporate stores are responsible to stockholders profits!!!

                        2. i have been to many micky d's in my area and they have made me pay for mac sauce...i hate it...dont they made enough money already???

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                            I get the sauce at two different locations, one charges 15 cents, the other 30 cents. It's always enough sauce for two sandwiches, so being a total cheapskate I save the extra and use it at home. Even with paying for the sauce, putting it on a McDouble is still a good deal.

                          2. This thread reminds me of the difference between being frugal and being cheap.
                            Being frugal is ordering off the dollar menu.
                            Being cheap is trying to upgrade a dollar burger to sometype of Big Mac, mooching free sauce obviously intended for a more expensive burger.
                            Just because the company makes tons of money doesn't mean they are interested in just giving things away. You know..give someone an inch.they'll take a mile.
                            As Bill Gates in "The Simpsons" says to Homer.."I didn't get rich by writing a lot of checks."

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                            1. re: rochfood

                              I assume as long as I'm willing to pay for the sauce, your comments about being cheap and mooching aren't directed at me. Frankly, I enjoy a Big Mac once in a while, and it's really the sauce that makes it a Mac. The problem is, that sandwich just isn't worth three bucks. It is, however, worth a dollar and change.

                              1. re: rochfood

                                I couldnt agree more

                                and because of people like you refer to I now have to pay extra for my s&s sauce for my nuggets and fries.

                              2. Nobody orders Big Mac without the sauce.

                                You are ordering something not in regular inventory and it should be charged.

                                Businesses are formed to make money. Charities are formed to give things away.

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                                  My Big Mac's are without lettuce, extra cheese and sauce. I've ALWAYS been charged for the sauce - I've been eating them this way for years.

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                                    I always order my Big Macs without sauce - that cuts the total fat in the sandwich by 1/3, saturated fat by 15%, sodium by 10%. If I'm eating in, I add ketchup. If I'm taking it home, I add nonfat mayo and ketchup. With all of the other flavors, I can live without the little extra zing of the Mac sauce.

                                    Big Macs do not equal healthy eating, but I can have one a little more often this way and not feel too bad about it.

                                  2. This is interesting to me. I worked at the very busy McDonald's across High Street from Ohio State University in the 70's. At that store, Big Mac sauce was sacred. We were absolutely forbidden to put it on another kind of sandwich, nor sell it to anyone. It was only used on Big Macs in the prescribed amount. I wonder if McD's changed their policy at some point on the national level, or it's only some stores (like franchise stores vs. company-owned stores) that will sell it.

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                                      i went to macdonalds today and got 3 mcdoubles with no ketchup,mustard,pickles.
                                      i told them to add big mac sauce add lettuce.
                                      it costs 3.21 with tax here in nj.
                                      they didnt charge me for lettuce or mac sauce. when you think about ti i probably saved them money. i didnt get ketchup,pickles,musttard.
                                      i did think they forgot the onions n.