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May 12, 2009 04:26 PM

[HOU] Food Day-What would you do?

I live in Houston and every now and again I like to spend a day in food related activities. For example I've spent a day just going to my favorite grocery stores. I am planning another day soon. I've never been to Airline Farmers Market so I'm going to do that and then try the taco trucks near there.

Where would you go and what would you do in and around the Houston area?

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  1. I have a Food Day every time I visit my brother in Houston.

    Start with the Airline or (T'Afia) Midtown Farmers Markets

    The start making my way towards a brunch/lunch place....depends on mood. Right now it would be Thai so Vieng Thai. I really like the Pad Sar-Tor. I also really like their version of the green papaya salad - Som Tum Central Thai style as they load it up with the thai peppers. It makes for a nose clearing event and will help with the next stop.

    Then head out to the St. Arnold Brewery Tour

    The after that head toward Phoenicia. I stop here every time. I stock up on bulk spices and also get a few bags of warm pita, great olives, feta, and some kind of dip usually muhamara. I wish we had one in Dallas. I love this store so much I got a T-Shirt.

    Since I am on the west side of town it is a toss up between authentic Chinese at say Sichuan Cuisine or Spicy Sichuan or Vietnamese at Que Huong or any number of places. I personally just go to one place for one dish (ie one place for Banh Mi, one for Banh Xeo, one for Pho). IIRC there was a Malaysian restaurtant on Bellaire just before Dairy Ashford on the south side of Bellaire in a new strip mall that I wanted to try on my last visit.

    Since I am from Dallas I skip the burgers as I have had The Burger Guy and Lankfords and several others and still think Wingfields here in Oak Cliff is much better. I also think the Korean is much better here in Dallas/Carrollton.