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May 12, 2009 04:23 PM

Where to find Echire (or similar) butter in SF?

Hi yall,

Just wondering if anyone knows where I can find Echire (or similar quality) butter in SF. I know Lurpak is pretty widely available, and I've recently tried Kerrygold and some other cultured butter from Vermont. I just haven't been able to find the rich, cultured, lactic flavor that I'm really looking for. A few restaurants that I've been to seem to source excellent butter but I'm not sure what brand they are using. Hog island at the ferry building, for instance, has great butter.

Any help / recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!


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  1. You should ask Hog Island -- in my experience, places that go to the trouble of sourcing premium ingredients appreciate it when someone notices. I'm going to make a wild guess, though, that they get it from Cowgirl down the hall. They carry a couple of artisan butters. At the very least, you should check them out. Or you can skip the butter and go for their bulk mascarpone, which is divine.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      So I gave them a call and it turns out they source from Gilt Edge creamery which apparently does not do retail sales. The gentleman on the phone, who was very helpful, says he's never seen it at retail outlets. Sad.

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        Too bad. Today at my local market I saw Organic Valley Pasture Cultured butter -- a seasonal product that's different from their regular cultured butter. Might be worth trying.

    2. Made in France / Village Imports warehouse is now closed but the new owners have opened Gourmet Corner ........ a friend used to bring Echire butter back from Paris - good luck with your hunt. I did notice that there are a few sources fro this down in LA. Do a search on the LA board. Surfas and Epicure imports . if you go to LA at all.

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        I just got an email back from Gourmet Corner ..... they do have Echire Butter.

      2. Spring Hill Cheese makes wonderful butter. Also, if you want cultured butter specifically, Three Stone Hearth carries Sierra Nevada Organic Vat Cultured Butter, which is also great.

        1. If you are in the east bay check out The Pasta Shop Cheese counter. They are starting to carry the high end fancy butters (like Normandy butter from rance, delish on toast). Also there is a place at the Ferry Plaza farmers market that makes a really nice butter (they are at the Oakland Temescal Farmers Market on Sundays).

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          1. re: skwid

            I think you're referring to Spring Hill Cheese, who I recommended above. Very good butter and cheeses.

            1. re: chemchef

              Yep, now that you mention it that is the name of the place I was thining of at the farmers markets. However the Pasta Shop is carrying imported butters now and I know they were thinking of starting to carry several different butters (both imported and artisan) but I'm not sure what happened with that idea.

          2. I just was at the Pasta Shop in Rockridge and they have both the Sweet and Salty Echire butters (along with a butter from Vermont). The Echire was $8.99 for 250 grams

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            1. re: skwid

              "The Echire was $8.99 for 250 grams"

              Holy s***t! $16/lb. for BUTTER?

              1. re: Paul H

                Yeah, that's about right. It is pretty tasty for having once in awhile. I think the Spring Hill is $5/8 ounces. Not exactly cheap but not nearly as expensive.

                1. re: skwid

                  Thanks for all the fantastic input!