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May 12, 2009 04:22 PM

London - Help Me Find a Trendy Atmosphere with Great Food

I am in London right now, staying in the Knightsbridge/South Kensington area. I am looking for restaurants that lean more towards the trendy/hip atmosphere with good cocktails yet have really great food too - no fish and chips! Am looking for more of an inventive menu. I would prefer something nearby to my area but will go anywhere.

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      1. re: zuriga1

        Zuriga, not sure if you're aware but there is, and has been for a couple of years, Maze in NYC too -

        Doesn't mean that Maze London isn't a good rec for Manhattan visitors (the menus/ingredients used are very different and, having been to both, I think that Maze London is operating at a higher level) but perhaps it's not quite the novelty it might have been prior to the opening of Maze NYC.

        Go do the taste test for yourself if you have any spare slots!!

        1. re: oonth

          Thanks, Oonth - didn't know about the 'other' Maze at all. And we are close by, but that's OK - will try it another time. It can't be as good as Atherton's menu. :-) I noticed quite a few Pret A Mangers around town. I thought the ones here had disappeared but not so. I've been away a long time now.

        1. re: expatlondon

          its a weird all day brunch, limited menu eating place. not so amazing for me.

          if they had a proper ala carte menu I might it appreciate more.

        2. Hi Becca -

          Lovely to have you in our great city. An inventive restaurant that fuses Cuban and Asian food is Asia de Cuba. It is located in the St. Martins lane hotel and has an absolutely amazing Calamari Salad. The bar within the hotel also has some fabulous cocktails. Very enjoyable night!

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          1. re: BeefeaterGin

            hadn't thought about that, but given all the bases to be covered might be a pretty good option. very glamourous, great cocktails... certainly inventive food.

            good call.

          2. Just got back from London and had a terrific lunch at Maze. Maze Grill next door looked a bit more casual (menu is - surprise - grilled steaks, fish, chicken etc.). 28.50 pounds for four courses at Maze for lunch. Great service, delicious.