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May 12, 2009 03:38 PM

Hard to find liquors

Can anyone help direct me to a liquor store in the Boston area that might carry some specialty liquors. I'm looking specifically for tuica, which is a brandy from Romania. I called Marty's and no dice. Looking for places with big selection and lots of international stuff. Thanks for any help u can give!

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  1. It's not in the Boston area but I would give Julio's in Westboro a try, 508-366-1942. If they dont have it the only other one I can think of is Yankee Sprits in Attleboro or Sturbridge also not Boston but.......

    1. Hmm.. that place in Newton - Atlas I think - has been good to me for Italian amaro's. But to be honest - if you are crafty - find a restaurant that might carry it, and see if the owner can snag you some from a distributor..

      Otherwise, I'd hunt for a nice ethnic enclave in a state with laxer liquor laws and do a road trip..

      1. A good bet might be a place like Bazaar in Brookline, a Russian market with a license to sell liquor. They have some things I have never seen elsewhere, don't know if Romanian would fit their bill or not but seems possible.

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            They do carry a lot of eastern european liquors.

            Call first though.

          2. I've had great luck with the Wine Gallery on Rt. 9 in Brookline. They hunted me down a case of Amer Picon last year when nobody else could (or would).

            1. on the south shore, you can try Lukes. The place is huge and they have a wide variety of everything.