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Where can I find chickpea flour?


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  1. Might want to check with Buonitalia in Chelsea Market, or Kalustyan's on Lexington.

    1. Dual Specialty store. I think it's 1st avenue between 5th and 6th. Most other indian markets should have it as well.

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        Correct. The common Indian name for it (Hindi?) is "Besan flour." It's a very common Indian item.

      2. Bob's Red Mill makes it. I bet they have it at Whole Foods or any health food store. They have it at both health food stores near me (Brooklyn).

          1. Fairway and Whole Foods both carry Bob's Red Mill and I believe other brands, but they are fairly pricey. (I try to buy it in bulk through Amazon, since I love it for Ligurian farinata and gluten-free baking.)

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              I just got some at Agata and Valentina. And that recipe from the NYT was great.

            2. Have fun looking in all their bulk bins as you enjoy the cheapest source on 9th Avenue (and possibly Manhattan) for this kinda stuff. Call first just to be sure they have it.

              Image: http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/tbdQ6z...

              Ninth Avenue International Foods
              543 9th Ave, New York, NY 10018

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                Do you want Italian/Mediterranean, or Indian? They're not the same.

                (Not sure why this posted under the last post, it was meant to be a standalone reply.)

              2. any indian store on lex between 29-27