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May 12, 2009 02:29 PM

Acadia National Park

I am planning to spend next week (May 18-22) in Acadia National Park and surrounding areas in Maine.
Are there good restaurants (lobster, lobster rolls, fried clams, chowder, etc) in the Park? Would they be open in mid-May?
How about adjoining areas of the mainland (Trenton, Ellsworth, etc.)?
Thanks in advance for your good advice!

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  1. The lone restaurant in the park is the Jordan Pond House...famous for its Popovers.Website says open "mid-May".

    Plenty of restos and lobster shacks in the area, although some do not open 'til Memorial Day or later. Search the board for Bar Harbor and MDI (Mt.Desert Island) for lots of info.

    For an off-island excellent meal (lunch or dinner) try Cleonice in Ellsworth...tapas/small plates worthy of Spain.

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      LOVE Cleonice! They were just written up in Down East Magazine as one of the top 50 restaurants in Maine!

    2. I would heartily recommend the Jordan Pond House. Food is quite good, especially a bowl of seafood "chowdah" and popovers. It is especially nice on a warm day, sitting outside in the garden. We always bring our out of town guests there.

      1. We had a terrific breakfast at Cafe This Way ( in Bar Harbor last summer. Great coffee, super fresh ingredients and lots of options. We sat out on the little patio, though it may be too chilly this time of year.

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          Cafe This Way is great for dinner also!

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            Definitely check out Cafe This Way. We loved it for breakfast and had a great dinner too. Good ambiance and delicious food.

        2. Although I know you didn't ask about breakfast, my husband and I were up in Acadia a couple of weeks ago and had an AMAZING breakfast at Two Cats ( It is in a house, with wonderful servers, delicious food, and a few cats running around. (So maybe not as great if you are allergic.) It was one of the highlights of our time up there. We had initially planned ot go to cafe This Way, which everyone raves about on this board, but it was closed for the off-season still. We ran into a "local" on a hike the day prior who said we should check out Two Cats, as it was open, but also better than the perhaps over-hypered Cafe This Way. (It might be great too...but I can vouch for Two Cats being superb.) Check it out!

          1. We had a great dinner at Calypso on Main Street in Ellsworth last fall:

            I have found the restaurant options in Bar Harbor to be severely limited in the off-season. Granted, this was based on a visit in March ... no doubt you'll have better luck in May. Have fun!

            156 Main St, Ellsworth, ME 04605

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              Calyso closed sometime around January. Off season on Mount Desert Island there are several lovely restaurants open.

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                Morla -
                Which restaurants on Mt. Desert Island might be open? I'm primarily interested in lobster, fried clams, chowder, etc.

                1. re: Hugh DeMann

                  Almost all restaurants are open now (some on limited schedules). There is usually some version of lobster on every menu with some exceptions. There is a big push towards supporting local lobster businesses so restaurants that haven't normally carried it, now do. Depends on how you want it! The Thirsty Whale has a great lobster roll/chowder lunch as well as good fried clams. The Chart Room is a nice family style restaurant on the water that will have all that. And the fancier places have fancier versions of lobster dishes, etc.