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May 12, 2009 01:47 PM

where to find cheap salmon roe / caviar

anybody know where i can find inexpensive salmon caviar? i know places like citarella carry it, but its a smallish quantity, and pretty pricey. i know a couple years ago, i was able to find it in large amounts for a good price, but everybody seems to like to keep the price high.

any help on where to find it in bulk or cheap containers of it would be appreciated.

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  1. Hi ironcheff - maybe you think it's expensive, but the salmon roe at Zabar's last time I was there (month ago) was pretty cheap - so much so that I brought a decent amount home with me (along with other goodies) via cooler to L.A.

    1. If you go to Japanese grocery stores like sunrise mart, they have small containers and are cheaper than Zabar's or Citerella. Mitsuwa also has pretty reasonably priced salmon roes (ikura). You can ask if they will sell you in bulk, as I do believe they simply put their supply into small containers for sale.

      1. Any Russian food store carries it very inexpensively. Try Brighton Beach unless you know of a place closer to you. They'll also let you try it before buying.

        1. I wanted to post an update as I'm always on the lookout. I've bought small jars at whole foods, containers at zabars, and recently a package of a pound from aqua best. I have yet to visit Brighton beach as it's an hour subway from manhattan. Note that aqua best is FROZEN. Thinking surely I've had frozen before (just like how lots of shrimp we buy is thawed post being frozen), I gave it a go. While it is fine, and being frozen great in a pinch off season, I recommend Zabars as fresher, and just about the same price. Almost identical prices. Aqua best is good if you need toppings for hors d'ouvres and the like, but if you slather roe on an English muffin with butter like I do, go for the fresh stuff.

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            Nordic Preserves in Essex Market has salmon roe for $10/oz. I don't know if that's a good price or not, but based on my one sandwich from there, the quality is bound to be reasonably high. Scroll down to "in our stores":


          2. H Mart (Korean grocery) on 32nd St. has salmon caviar and it's not that expensive.