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May 12, 2009 01:12 PM

Where to buy Bourbon in Brooklyn?

Meaning a place with a distinctive selection not a restaurant on Smith. Thanks.

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  1. If not a restaurant on Smith then for some reason you are excluding Char 4. Why?
    They have 150 bourbons!
    Can't you just ignore the restaurant and sit at the bar?

    If not Smith St, what neighborhood are you looking in?

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    1. If you are talking about bottles to buy, Uva Wines on Bedford Ave has a surprising selection of about 15-20 bourbons. You can buy it on their website as well. If you are talking about having a drink with a big selection... the widest selection has got to be The Brandy Library in Tribeca.

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        Thanks Malibu - I also stopped at Heights Chateous and they also had a surprisising selection about maybe 25. And they plan to get in more.

        1. re: Ljubitca

          Zap on Court Street (near State) has a pretty good bourbon selection also.
          LeNell's in Red Hook was far-and-away the best but unfortunately that is no longer an option.

          1. re: Mike11201

            Yes the loss of Lenells was the basis of the dilemma

      2. Smith and Vine (Smith betw Sackett and Degraw) also has a pretty nice selection of about a dozen different bourbons and other American whiskeys.

        1. is based in a store in Brooklyn:

          Borisal Liquor & Wine 468 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11215

          Many times they are not the least expensive but if it is something I am having a hard time finding, they usually have it. Like Vya vermouth, or violet liquor, or..... They list more than 40 bourbons in stock.

          1. MICHAEL TOWNE on Clark and Henry Streets in Brooklyn Heights, and HEIGHTS CHATEAU on Atlantic have an excellent selection of Bourbon, and other liquor. Their wine selection is awesome.