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May 12, 2009 01:09 PM

Prosser's BBQ--Murrells Inlet, SC

Was going to drive down there from NMB last night or tonite, but can't get an answer at their listed phone number either day--what gives? Are they closed, temporarily or permanently??
Just checked on a few health dept ratings and they scored 100 about a month ago, so they had to be open then. Any info from someone in the area?

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  1. Had lunch there last Wed. or Thur. (can't recall exactly). It is currently Harley Week so they may close for that.

    1. Don't know about Prosser's specifically, but lots of SC barbecue joints are open Thursday-Saturday or Friday-Saturday only.

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      1. I ate there last week was delightful. It was opened Sunday when I cut up the road beside of there.

        1. Just called them and they're open tonite (Thursday) till 8. So not sure what the problem was--sorry for the false alarm.

          1. I also just ate there last week and not only were they open, but they were packed.

            I imagine they didn't answer the phone because they were busy.

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              Mystery solved--I was calling in late afternoon--that's why they couldn't answer the phone. They are open 6AM--2 PM every day and only Thursday, Friday and Saturday for dinner.