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May 12, 2009 01:08 PM

Lucille's Fine Chicken, Rt 1, Lynnfield

We tried Lucille's the other night. There is a fixed menu: Pasta with tomato sauce, salad, chicken and Belgian fries, for $11.95 per person. The server said they offer other items in the bar area and may add other items in the future.

The food was average. The roasted chicken wasn't dry. The salad dressing was a little too garlicky and far too salty. The fries were limp and mushy. The pasta was overcooked, but the sauce was decent.

What was disconcerting was what they didn't do at Lucille's. They didn't change the decor much from when it was Naked Fish. They pretty much just basically slapped a couple of the Lucille's logos on the walls and light fixtures otherwise the interior is exactly the same as it was. It made the environment feel kind of creepy and uncomfortable.

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  1. I went a few weeks ago. Probably won't go back. The idea of only serving one meal is interesting, and likely would fly if it were excellent. I thought the pasta was the highlight. Unfortunately, rigatoni with red sauce does not make the meal. For being a chicken place, the chicken was only OK. Slightly better than the ones that are pre-prepared at Shaws, but not much. I hate to say that Boston Market has better chicken.

    Worse for me is the cash only policy. A big minus in my book. Who carries cash?

    1. I didn't think Lucille's was very good either, not bad exactly, but just not that good. I agree salemmass, if you you are going to be known for just one meal then it should be spectacular. This place is similar to that place in RI (I think Wright's Farm?) that only serves chicken - the difference though is that the RI place is actually attached to a farm so everything is really fresh etc.. I'm guessing they are still working out some of their kinks in the kitchen so I'll probably pop back in soon and see how things have progressed.

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      1. re: missfoodie

        How can there be kinks to work out in the kitchen when all they serve are rolls, 1 salad dish, 1 pasta dish, 1 chicken dish and fries???

        These 4 things are the simplest and most basic of restaurant foods to prepare and even I make all of these items at home with ease.

        This is the second post I read that mentioned Lucielle's has kinks to work out in their kitchen. I really don't get that. What is there to work out?

        1. re: missfoodie

          you are thinking of Wrights. And it's mediocre at best. Maybe I just don't understand the appeal of all you can eat frozen fries, watery pasta, and chicken.

        2. wasn't sure if the owner's of Naked Fish just decided to revamp concept or if whole new cup of tea?? Is NF gone under along with other brands that were associated with the franchise owners? Thanks for letting us know the general commentary - I'll wait to try until Chowhound ratings come up a bit....:-)

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          1. re: Suzieg

            NF in Lynnfield is totally gone but the owner is the same for this new concept. I don't know about the other NF's. I think there are 3 or 4 still open.

            1. re: rbe

              I'm pretty sure Lucille's is now closed.