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May 12, 2009 12:52 PM

I need to find a restaurant that has great prime rib

Coming in june. other than rib room what else???

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  1. Rib room is a lovell dining experience when seated at a window table . Blue cheese salad is quite good, horseradish is killer hot, prime rib is less than stellar. Still, worth a visit.

    1. if you are willing to drive across the lake, call Sal & Judy's to see if they are still doing their prime rib. I swear it was the size of the slab of meat that tipped over Fred Flintstone's car.

      1. Amazing prime rib at Morton's with a milder horseradish sauce. They have a real good wine list, though understandably a bit heavy on Calif cabs. I think they only have prime rib on weekends, so better check first.