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Open VERY late or 24 hrs

Anyone have any recommendations for places open very late or open 24 hours? We have stumbled upon Daisy Dukes after a long night at the casino, but I was hoping to find other options. In town for the poker tournaments, which often go until the wee hours of the morning, so we need a place to eat when we finish! Thanks!!

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  1. Clover Grill, Yo-Mama's Bar & Grill, Trolley Stop, Cooter Brown's

    1. Lucky Dog (there is a stand in the casino) Camellia Grill, (check hours first as I have been there during their regular hours and they are inexplicably closed), Clover Grill, Port of Call (closes at 1 a.m.) Cooter Brown's

      1. Squeal BBQ stays open late on weekends.

        1. City Diner...but it's in Metairie. Good luck with the tournament. A friend of mine played...but was out early!

          1. mimi's in the marigny

            1. Here is a list: http://blackenedout.blogspot.com/2008...

              Considering that you will be at Harrah's, I think your best options will be: The Alibi, Clover Grill, and Yo Mama's (all in the Quarter), Mimi's in the Marigny, and Please U/Trolley Stop on St. Charles.

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                This is fantastic...thanks everyone!!!

              2. i just remembered club decatur, which has some of my favorite pizza in town, and stays open real late. corner of bienville and decatur, two blocks into the quarter from canal. they sell it by the slice from a counter in the back.

                1. It's hard to find a place that serves food past 2:00. The only one I know of is St. Charles Tavern. Yo Mama's has fantastic burgers, Cooter Brown's has oysters, and Squeal serves BBQ....all three open til 2:00 I believe.

                  Info on Yo Mama's: http://eatdrinknola.blogspot.com/2009...

                  Info on Squeal: http://eatdrinknola.blogspot.com/2009...

                  1. 13 on Frenchmen- try the tator tachos- tator tot nachos

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                      I'll second 13 and The Alibi. What about The Quarter Master also