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May 12, 2009 12:38 PM

Birthday dinner east of Raleigh?

Hi all,

My husband and I are looking for a nice dinner during our vacation east of Raleigh. We'll be staying at a bed & breakfast near Williamston for a week and will celebrate both our first anniversary and my birthday while we're there. The B&B offers some expensive catered dinners, but we're also hoping to find some nice local restaurant to try, too.

Is there anything in Greenville or any of the other communities around there that would be suitable for a celebratory dinner? We're content to eat 'cue the rest of the week but would like something a little fancier for our special occasions.


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  1. Greenville: Plum Tree Bistro, Starlight Cafe, Finelli's, Christinne's. Plum Tree has kind of a small menu but generally good food. Christinne's is fine, but nothing I'd ever get really excited about. I haven't been, but On the Square in Tarboro is supposed to be excellent, and that would be really easy to get to from Williamston- easier and quicker than going to Greenville.

    I'm not really up on what's down there right now, but there are quite a few places in downtown Washington with good atmosphere.

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