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May 12, 2009 12:12 PM

Where's your fav 'secret spot' to dine and drink in SD?

I love the library room at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe..quiet, secluded and the odds of someone you know finding you there is minimal...
Wish the Dive Bar Gods would make more dive bars with low lighting, burgundy naugahyde booths, strong cocktails with surly bartenders..throw in some potato skins with sour cream heaping off those bad boys that medics have to be on notice.

My Dive Bar fav's are..Bully's, Nunu's, Waterfront, Longhorn's, Jamacha Junction, Albies Beef Inn, Captain Quarters,
Star Bar, Pacific Shores..

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  1. No doubt you're aware of Bully's - sounds like it would fit the bill on your dive bar request. Nunus, The Red Fox and Albie's Beef Inn also offer something similar. I don't really have a "secret spot" these days. We seem to be haunting Starlite and Farmhouse Cafe more often than not lately.

    1. Dive bars, love 'em. Add the Alibi, The Kensington Club, Pal Joey's (here's your red booths), and for real dive, Joe and Andy's Hole in the Wall in La Mesa.

      1. Can't tell you my "secret spot"

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        1. The Silver Spigot on Morena...the Night Owl on Balboa just west of Mission Bay Dr...the Watering Hole (nee Blue Bayou) at the Diane Shopping Center...West End on Turquoise

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            Silver Spigot, wow. I went in there once during the day and thought I was going to melt from all the crusty old guys angry about someone new walking in. I had a little more luck at Nite Owl haha.

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              These are places you would dine at?