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May 12, 2009 12:12 PM

Crab House

First, many thanks to the thoughtful responses to my prior post looking for a "seafood" restaurant in Baltimore. I now see that post was obtuse. I haev tried to distill the suggestions and do some additional research. Based on a number of variables and requirements, I have arrived at the following 4 crab house candidates. The only standing requirements are,other than being good and serving fresh crab, are: (1) that they have crakc and eat crab, (2) that they have soft crabs (i.e. soft shell), and (3) that it is a reasonabel cab ride from Inner Harbor (mostly a distance concern). With that, please weigh in on:

(1) Canton Dockside (I think we can take the water taxi there);

(2) Bo Brooks;

(3) Mr. Bill's Terrace Inn; and

(4) Costas Inn (I think is far).

Again - Mahalo!

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  1. Mr. Bill's and Costas do not necessarily fit MY description of a "reasonable" cab ride, so I would narrow it down to Canton Dockside or Bo Brooks.

    Soft shells are not going to be a staple on someone's menu (if they are, then that place should be avoided because they're pulling them from a freezer), but rather a special or a temporary item during peek soft shell season. That being said, neither of those crab houses left on the list would get me excited for soft shells. It might be worth while to head to Dudas for lunch and get the craving out of your system.

    Based on your criteria as well as close proximity to the water and a snowball stand, I'm going to say Bo Brooks is the best bet of the four listed!

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      actually Floride, the carolinas and even southern virginia have soft shells right now. We had some north carolina softies that were exploding with juice. Prices are breaking downward.

      1. re: gregb

        Gregb, I had a softshell at Firefly last weekend and was promised that it was both fresh and local!

        1. re: aburkavage

          Well, yes, this is the beginning of local softie season, so it's perfectly reasonable that you would get one that was fresh and local.

          The point was that anyone who has softies as anything other than a special is obviously serving non-local, non-fresh product, due to the VERY limited timeframe and quantity of the local catch.