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May 12, 2009 12:10 PM

Bordentown Street Fair

Is this wkend. Yummy street food! A lot of the downtown restaurants set up stands in front of their establishments--plus other food stands, jewelry, crafts, etc.

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  1. Always proves to be a good time, and the local restaurants will be out in full force. Check out the offerings from Under the Moon, Oliver-A Bistro, Marcello's, Jester's Cafe, Toscano, and the Farnsworth House. I am sure there will be some other local restaurants as well.

    Unfortunately, I am working out this weekend, but may run over for if you see a guy in Air Force ABU's(the new name for our camo uniforms), it's probably me.... -mJ

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    1. re: njfoodies

      Rain all weekend will they still have it?

      1. re: Tapas52

        Damn, we got there really late and everyone was already packing up.

        1. re: gbean

          That stinks...we had steak, onion, mushroom and pepper sandwiches from Under the Moon, oh and a beef empanada. Both were delicious!!! And that Kettle Corn...forget about it!! The woman told my husband if we couldn't eat the whole bag it freezes well....he just laughed. Addictive.

          1. re: care11

            Oh, that steak sandwich sounds good--I wanted to go to UTM's food stand since I've heard read such great things abt them from other CHOWs, but alas, we were too late.....Damn those wkend soccer games...LOL.

            1. re: gbean

              Food festivals are slowly getting smaller....being from Manhattan we always used to go in May to the International Food Festival on 9th ave between 34th & 57 streets.....but this year they significantly reduced it to 34st -42st & let me tell you the vendors are not the same either...every tom, dick & harry is there trying to make a buck instead of quality food from all different ethnic's so sad to walk along and see this.... enjoy the summer everyone.

              1. re: Tapas52

                I know what you are saying. We lived in NYC and when our neighborhood would have street festivals we would ONLY eat from the local establishments that participated. (Ahhhh, The Heidleberg Brats and Dinkel Acker Beer...the 1st year they actually sold beer on the street. We thought we died and went to heaven b/c it was right outside our door.) Anyway, same is true for any street festival, stick w/the local guys instead of randoms trying to make a buck. Plus the locals can easily wash their hands!

                1. re: Tapas52

                  That's a shame. I went to 9th St Festival about 3 yrs ago and there was so much local ethnic food it made my head spin. Have any of you ever gone to the Choice Eats Event? I went the first one they had and it was awesome. R. Sietsema hand picked all the paricipants from all boroughs so no phony "tom, dick and harry's".

      2. The Bordentown Cranberry Festival is October 3-4 this year. Mark it down, lots of interesting crafts and great food from Under The Moon, Oliver etc.