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May 12, 2009 12:08 PM

Pho Citi - Westwood/Santa Monica

I saw this place just opened. Looks like their original location is in Burbank. Any experiences there?

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  1. You didn't mention where it was ? Fortunatly, the web site wasn't too difficult to find, it's at:

    1834 Westwood Blvd. ~ Edwardo's is at 1830 Westwood Blvd. - so 1 or 2 doors down.

    For those of you who lament the dissapearance of East-West in the Village, they do have #10 Viet. Sandwich as an app - chicken, beef or pork. Too bad it's just a brief after-thought on the menu.

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      I should have said it's at the intersection of Westwood and Santa Monica. Sorry. Google is great. It's in the old California Sushi and Roll place on the east side of Westwood just south of the Blue Wave carwash.

    2. It's good. I had the rare beef pho the other day and a pork bahn mi last night. nothing special but reasonable and good.

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        What veggies and condiments come on the bahn mi?

        1. re: a_and_w

          in reply to your question, "What veggies and condiments come on the bahn mi?" :

          cucumber, carrot and radish pickle, jalapano.
          Condiments on every table at Pho Citi Burbank & Westwood are Sriracha, Hoisin Sauce and I believe there's also chile paste.

          Its a good dish.

      2. It would be great if this place turned out to be good -- convenient location, open 24 hours, not too expensive. But I'm leery -- big menu, lots of options, I wonder if everything will be mediocre and how to find what might be great there (hoping something is). I'd be very interested in folks' experiences there, and I'll try to sample something and report back in the next few days.

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          Leery? You should be. We went the other night and were horribly disappointed. Possibly the worst pho I have ever had. Tasted a lot like those cubes you can buy and drop in boiling water for quick pho. I'm not saying that's what they are doing, because I never asked. It just tasted that way. The meat they give you is minimal and the noodles seemed a bit tough. We also got the spring rolls... they had iceberg lettuce in them. Enough said about those. And then we got a pan fried noodle dish that was an oily mess. They seemed fairly busy for a Thursday night, so I'm hoping they stick around and turn the corner... but I doubt it. We are horribly lacking in the Vietnamese food here on the westside.

        2. I went for lunch today. I got the appetizer sampler, which had 2 summer rolls (cut in half, and they were huge, so it was like 4), 2 fried spring rolls and 2 dumplings. It was only so-so, but there was great sauce accompaniment (sriracha, plum sauce, peanut sauce, fish sauce) and it was only $8.

          1. I like to go to the Peet's coffee in Westword so I stuck my head in. Didn't look very good. Kind of had 'Westside Pho" written all over it. Even the pictures on the menu didn't look good. My wife was dying for Vietnamese food and she looked in and asked me to take her to eat Thai food instead.

            Still haven't found a place on the Westside that makes a decent bowl of Pho much less a Banh Mi, or a bowl of Bun Bo Hue. If I'm on the Westside, I'll have Thai, Indian, Japanese, Persian ...but never Vietnamese.