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What do people recommend at Bud's Meats?

Am planning on a pilgrimage to Bud's Custom Meats in Penngrove. What do people recommend getting there? Bloody Mary tri-tip? Elk? Bunny? Jerky? Sausage products?

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  1. My husband likes everything in the Santa Maria marinade. TriTip and ribeye are favorites. The baseball steaks are okay for weeknights, but I would not serve them to guests. The chicken is okay, just kinda plain and chickeny. They have a Bloody Maria(?) marinade that sounds good, as well as a Northwest, but they both have sugar so we stick with plain and Santa Maria. The jerky is okay,I feel it is tough, he likes it better than commercial jerky. The veal scalloppine cut is easy and fast. The sausages are okay. I am a fan of all of the chicken and turkey varieties in many stores now, so these seem comparable.

    Bring a cooler.

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      While normally not a fan of marinated steaks (ususally just a way to disguise old meat) the Santa Maria Tri-tip at Bud's is memorable. I have also never been dissppointed with their pre-cut Rib-Eyes. Excellent marbling and flavor.

    2. Wow, this place looks interesting. Might be a good place to check out for a spring lamb next year. I do have to say I'm not normally a fan of marinated steaks from butchers as I like to marinate myself so I know what went into the marinade.

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          Bud's Custom Meats
          7750 Petaluma Hill Rd, Penngrove, CA

          1. Stopped by Bud's for the first time in a while Saturday; they have added a small shelf with commercially-prepared sauces and seasonings and a bit more beef jerky than in the past. Game processing was in full-swing.

            My favorite item here is the frenched rack of boar, which they had again Saturday. I also got an absolutely beautiful, nearly 6 1/2 lb. chuck roast for $3.99 (!!!) a pound, a 2 1/4 lb. porterhouse, and a smaller NY strip and T-bone (a little over a pound each), all of which was dry-aged, and with the boar tallied just over $90.

            They also had alligator and frogs' legs, which I hadn't noticed before. I left the skirt steak, attractive as it was, for the next visit.

            1. Crane melon season is here again and Bud's makes a good second stop for a road trip to the area.

              Recently I picked up a cowboy steak (marinated bone-in ribeye) that weighed in over 2 pounds. Like others here, I shy away from pre-marinated cuts as I like to control the ingredients. I asked the butcher if the rub had any MSG in it, and he said that it did not. The seasoning is just salt, pepper, garlic, parsley, that's what I can recall. At home I seared it on both sides, then popped it into the oven to finish cooking. After resting the meat, I trimmed off the bone (saved for another day to gnaw on), and then sliced the meat to serve. This was more than enough for lunch for the three of us. Delicious.

              Crane Melon Barn
              4935 Petaluma Hill Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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                Yes CMB is a great stop but it has to be open. Please call before you go 1 707 795 6987. The weather has caused the melons to be late and when they finally opened the weather has caused them to be closed 2 of the last days.
                The Santa Maria Tri-tip was very good but very garlicy. Fine for me but perhaps too much for the wife. The lamb chops were great. As Melanie said caution with the marinated.
                Consider Roy's Doggery as an additional stop.

              2. I really like their elk sausage. Also the venison tenderloin is very tasty. I've had their pheasant as well. You really can't go wrong.

                1. I keep their chorizo in the freezer. The plain dry-aged "cowboy" rib-eye chops (basically a thick slice of a prime rib roast; no marinade for mine, thanks) are a great value.

                  1. Stopped by Saturday to provision for the weekend.

                    Magruder Ranch grassfed ribeye steak, $19.99/lb, may be the best ribeye I've cooked at home. Grilled over mesquite with just salt and pepper, I sliced it to share at the table and did not trim any of the fat off the pieces. I wanted my guests to try the fat and they were surprised by its sweet, fresh taste.

                    Also got bratwurst and liked them very much. They're not pre-cooked nor smoked and are sold frozen. The regular bacon was good too, thin slices that crisp up beautifully.

                    Grassfed ground beef was on special, $4.99/lb, and I bought a frozen pack to keep on hand.

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                      I live fairly close to Bud's but only tried them once. As much as I wanted to love the place, I was not impressed with the ribeyes or the sausages we tried. For me Brandt beef from Bryan Flannery is the pinnacle and that is what I was comparing it to.

                      Perhaps a revisit is in order as its been two years. Never heard of Magruder Ranch but will give it a shot.

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                        As far as I can tell, Bud's has two grades of beef. It has fresh, unfrozen choice beef and frozen Magruder Ranch grassfed beef. Magruder Ranch is in Mendocino County. Personally, I'm not completely sold on grassfed beef in general from a flavor perspective, having tasted too many that had been aged and butchered poorly (e.g., early experience with marin sun farms). So it needs to be handled well post-slaughter and Bud's does a good job in that department. I was a little concerned because the steak turned out more like medium and pink all the way through rather than the medium-rare that I prefer for grassfed which tends to be leaner and toughens up easily, but it was fine. I've had Brandt beef a couple time in prime cuts and also ground. It is a whole 'nuther flavor and softer texture profile due to the grain-finishing and prime marbling.

                        Here's a past thread that compares some of our local beef sources.