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May 12, 2009 11:45 AM

Say "Cheese!" in Montco?

Love DiBruno Brothers and the Reading Terminal Market when I can BUT there are times when it's just too much of a schlep. Anywhere, besides Whole Foods, that offers a nice selection of good quality cheeses in Montgomery County? Really hoping for something independent with perhaps some local cheeses. I'm in the Jenkintown (work) / Huntingdon Valley (home) area. Wegmans is lovely, but again a bit of a road trip. I know we must sacrifice for the good stuff but not ALL the time!
Thanks for your help.

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  1. The Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop is about 6 miles from Jenkintown and they have a great selection and service:

    1. Sam's Italian Market on Welsh Road in Willow Grove is a great little place and not too far from Jenkintown. While it doesn't have the selection of a full blown cheese shop they do carry some pretty nice stuff as well as having their own bakery and deli.

      I like the selection at the Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop but the prices are geared to people who don't have to care!

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          In a pinch, I find Trader Joe's cheese selection to be quite good. Not DiBruno's quality or selection, but since there is one right in Jenkintown....

      1. Thanks for all the good ideas. How could I have forgotten Chestnut Hill? And Sam's is my go-to place for the best bread and other Italian goodies. Arancini - yummm! Trader Joe's is excellent value for good quality standard stuff. Hendricks is a place I've been meaning to go but it's a serious road trip. Perhaps a nice spring Saturday soon. Someone also just told me that there is a new cheese stall at the Chestnut Hill Market. AND there's cheese at the Flourtown Farmer's Market. So if I can't find good cheese at one of these places it's my own fault! Thanks again.