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May 12, 2009 11:04 AM

Best Restaurants around Brunswick, Maine?

Asked a while ago about restaurants in Bath, but was wondering if there might be a few more to try on our summer vacation in the Brunswick area?

Not looking for anything in particular. Just like trying new places. We vacation in Phippsburg every summer and always enjoy seeking out a new place.

Casual, fine dining, doesn't matter.

Any suggestions would be awesome!

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  1. Don't miss El Camino in B'wick (which may have been mentioned before): commitment to local ingredients, innovative classic Mexican.

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    1. re: mainemal

      I second that.

      Good, clean, California-style Mexican food. Most ingredients are locally grown and there are excellent seasonal specials. Really good vegetarian options and great margaritas.

    2. Fat Boys Drive-In, out by the Brunswick Naval Air Station field. Try the BLT made with canadian bacon.....

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      1. re: bakersma

        Fay Boys Dive-in is the poorest excuse for a restaurant in Maine.....
        Terrible food, hack chefs, poor quality ingredients, and has no idea how to even make a good hamburger or french fries......................

        1. re: irwin

          Not true. Fat Boy's is a good example of a local drive-in, a great scene on weekends including carhops and folks from all over, and does perfectly good fried food. Can't speak to the quality of the burgers there because I always get fried clams. French fries are standard crinkle-cut and I've never had a problem with the execution on them, though nothing to write home about. The onion rings completely rock and are not to be missed.

          There's nothing like a chef there-- it's pretty much staffed by teenagers.

          Amusing (to me) fact: whether or not you stay in your car (there are about 8 booths inside), your waitperson is assigned based on where you park.

          ... and Becky's (a diner!) CHARGES for refills on coffee.

          1. re: irwin

            I totally agree. I can't see what the appeal is. Even my kids don't like it.

            1. re: MangiaMuse

              Stick to the onion rings and frappes. and sit in the car!

        2. Robinhood Meeting House, very special (understatement).

          1. In Brunswick:
            Avoid Henry & Marty's. Overpriced and not that great -way better food for same $ can be had in Portland. Equally good food for less dollars can be had locally.
            I second the El Camino vote.
            For more casual Mexican try Pancho Villa, which moved recently (still on Pleasant Street, now closer to 295).
            Scarlet Begonia's is great, although it can be hard to get a table.
            Bangkok Garden is good Thai food for the area.
            Renaissance Bistro is good.

            111 Maine is good for breakfast and lunch.
            Fat Boy is a fun place to eat - a drive in with burgers, shakes, etc.
            Also Back Street Bistro.
            You missed Sweet Leaves Teahouse, which closed recently - much sadness since it was easily the best place to eat in Brunswick.
            The Tavern at the harraseeket inn in Freeport is quite good.
            Antonia's Pizzeria is good pizza, but might not be worth the drive solely for eating (but if you're in Freeport, it's worth it).
            Azure is a good.
            Conundrum Bistro
            In Bath:
            Beale Street is great.
            Mae's is great, and does a great breakfast.

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            1. re: justoneguy

              Does Pancho Villa's actually not suck? I've never gone there -- the location always put me off. Still kinda does.

              1. re: the_MU

                It actually does not suck - and I grew up in Houston. Granted, it's not on the level of Pappasitos, or even close, but it certainly doesn't suck.

                1. re: justoneguy

                  Glad to hear that- I also have never gone based solely on location... I guess I'm a snob, but I assumed suckiness. I like El Camino, but frankly, I go there because I support fresh, local food- NOT when I'm craving a burrito.

                  Also on this topic- Frontier Cafe in Brunswick is definitely a place to try. I've heard they're stellar, and went for lunch the other day when I was in the area on business. I had a bowl of Thai Carrot Coconut soup with a big slice of fresh homemade bread- I've been thinking about that soup for days. It's been haunting me- I loved it, and am trying to figure how to justify a trip back to Brunswick very very soon.

                  1. re: happybellynh

                    I plan on checking it out next week. Will report back with details.

                2. re: the_MU

                  I used to live in Corona, and I think Pancho Villa is pretty decent. They are actually Mexican and use lard, so it's tasty and right-on, not tediously collegiate, and the Margaritas are great. The staff are super pleasant, no airs. Disfrute!

                3. re: justoneguy

                  The Brunswick Diner on rt 1 has a great 1/2 lb burger and "the best lobster roll in Maine" according to NBC; a bit pricey for my humble wallet, though.

                4. Head down to the Dolphin Marina Restaurant in South Harpswell. Delightful home cooking, FRESH seafood.

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                  1. re: jillso

                    I completely agree: Dolphin rocks!

                    1. re: mainemal

                      I've heard good things about Lion's Pride. It's a bar/restaurant with a heavy focus on craft beer.

                      Lion's Pride Pub
                      112 Pleasant St
                      Brunswick, ME 04011