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May 12, 2009 10:56 AM

chicken salad, hold the mayo!

i make a great chicken salad with mayo, white pepper, mustard, celery, almonds, and grapes, but my boyfriend doesn't eat mayo. we're trying to make a chicken salad for a potluck picnic and i was wondering if anyone might have a tried-and-true recipe that can be multiplied easily and does not involve mayo? we were thinking of devising a dressing involving olive oil, lemon juice, and za'atar but any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thanks so much!!

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  1. Substitute your usual amount of mayo with 2:1 ratio of plain yogurt and dijon mustard.

    1. you can also use greek yogurt. it is thicker. we have them for lunch sometimes. scoop with endives or big pita chips.

      if you are hiding the yogurt flavor, making it curried wight work.

      or you can make a shredded chicken salad with carrot and cucumber/sprouts/red pepper julienne with sesame oil, green onion, rice vinegar, honey and soy. serve with some cold glass noodles. eliminating the need to use mayo/mayo substitute.

      1. Don't sub; go in a whole different direction. I dress warm chicken bits (pulled, not diced) with olive oil and a little lemon juice and oregano; add green beans, black olives and good tomatoes closer to serving. (All this from I think one of the Silver Palate Cbs.) Also consider sour cream instead of mayo if you insist.

        Also relevant: Is this something he doesn't like the flavor of, or is it another sort of problem? (How is he with hollandaise, which is essentially mayo made with butter instead of oil?)

        1. I agree with the "don't substitute" advice. I'd suggest one of two directions: SE Asian chicken salad, or pasta salad with chicken. Unfortunately I don't have battle proven recipes to share, but I have eaten both kinds and liked them a lot -- and I'm another one that does not generally like mayo-heavy chicken salads. Both will feature lighter, more vinegary dressings. For a pasta salad, I'd recommend an orzo salad, probably with chicken and nuts.

          1. I make this without the rice and eat it in lettuce leaves