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May 12, 2009 09:54 AM

Best of Negril, Jamaica

Hey all,

I was just wondering if anyone knew of the best places to eat in Negril. I am going there for my honeymoon next week. We are all about fine dining, but also love local grub including jerk chicken, pork, and rice dishes.

Any feedback would be great. Thank you!

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  1. Hi there,

    I too am going to Negril next week. I have found a ton of suggestions and tips on Tripadvisor. There is a negril forum that has a ton of info, you might have more luck there.
    Congrats and have a great trip!

      1. re: Baelsette

        We liked The Hungry Lion for local Rasta fare. It was a fun vibe.

        If you get a Jamaican breakfast, do enjoy it. Also drink Ting mon..very nice.

        West End Road

      2. Hi Sean - we love Negril (our 6th trip was Feb 09) and usually really enjoy the food - especially the fresh fruit. This trip pne of our favorites was the Negril Yoga Center - wonderfully fresh, made-to-order food in a peaceful, tranquil setting. I had a homemade feta cheese omelet that I still dream about and the pad thai was really tasty as well. They are only open for breakfast and lunch (close around 2:00). Very sweet service too.

        We also really like Angela's for romantic Italian dining - the setting is so nice, upstairs from the beach (near Bar-B-Barn) and the jerk sausage pizza is really garlicky, cheesy and good.

        We also really liked the casual, tasty food at Sun Beach - which is also our favorite bar - Sophie, Dennis and Robert are wonderful and the jerk chicken and the jerk chicken salad were perfect lunches.

        For real romance and finer dining, I'd highly recommend the Rockhouse on the cliffs - they have it all, setting, atmosphere and fairly creative tasty cuisine.

        Hope that helps - we honeymooned in Negril too! Congrats and have a great time.