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May 12, 2009 09:46 AM

ISO: Free WiFi and a good latte in Kensington Market

So, I have to be in Kensington Market today for an appointment, but I would like to get some work done beforehand.

Normally I go to Jet Fuel for my free wifi and latte fix, but today I'm looking for somewhere in Kensington Market.

Preferably near the corner of Nassau and Bellevue.


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  1. Close by is the new dark horse espresso bar (on spadina, north of queen on the east side).
    Its just a few steps from the market, and I am pretty sure they have WiFi. Everyone had their laptops out yesterday.

    1. The 3 main coffee spots in the market are Pennylicks, Louie's or Moonbeam - I don't know if any of them have free wi-fi, though. You're just a few blocks from Manic, though, and it will handily meet both your criteria.

      1. Always lots of laptoppers in Moonbean, so I assume they have wifi, but I'm not sure. Maybe they're all novelists working offline!

        Another good wireless option nearby is the Red Room on Spadina just a tad south of College. They have coffee, espressos, wine, and beer and a wide variety of food. None of it is super spectacular but it's decent and the prices are ridiculously cheap. Best of all it has a very relaxed vibe and you can spend hours clicking away on your laptop or reading a book and nobody will give you a second glance.

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          The Moonbean DOES NOT have wi-fi. It's tough to get a table in there most days without wi-fi so I understand why they would opt out of wi-fi

        2. Aspetta on Augusta below Baldwin has good coffee and wifi -- assuming they are still open.