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May 12, 2009 09:37 AM

most effecient oil dispenser

I am looking for the best way to dispense oil into the pan?
I tried the teapot kettle ones but still have a bit of dripping, I put it on a plate to catch the oil..

Would a diner type ketchup sqeeze bottle work better?

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  1. I use a nice looking wine bottle that has a pour spout in the top. It holds plenty of oil, it doesn't leak/drip at all. Mine is kind of like the link below but it has a weighted swing attachment so that the top is closed off. I got them at Restoration Hardware years ago but I can't find a picture of mine online. There are all kinds of pour spouts out there online if you like the idea.

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      This exactly what I use, wine bottle and just a regular bar spout.

      1. re: KTinNYC

        Me three! Simplest, fastest, easiest, cheapest.

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          And dark wine bottles will keep the light exposure down too.

        2. re: SQHD

          I use this system as well, but I always get oil drips that are annoying to clean up. Any ideas about how to avoid the oil dripping through the topper?

          1. re: jenhen2

            Wipe it with a paper towel?

            I'm not sure what you mean about drips through the pour spout or "topper". Do you mean that the seal between the bottle and the pour spout isn't secure? If that's the case, you're just buying bad pour spouts.

            1. re: SQHD

              No, its more like the oil drips from the metal spout where the long pour spout meets the metal top that covers the bottle plug part. You're probably right - my pour spouts are probably bad. I bought them at this specialty store and they were non-branded. I'll have to find another topper.

              1. re: jenhen2

                Gotcha - Yeah, I don't have the exact one that I linked to above. Mine are more of a swing top where there is a whole top piece moves away from the actual pouring spout so there's never any real contact between it and the oil. I can imagine that the kind that has the tiny lid on top would get rather messy and gunky though.

                1. re: SQHD

                  This makes me wonder about whether professional bar spouts, like the kind that go in liquor bottles and are meant to dispense x-amount, would be an option? Or maybe that's what those are already.

                  1. re: Cinnamon

                    Stop wondering. Normal bar pour spouts are not measured. Measured spouts are the ones that are not the norm, well at least in most states.

          2. re: SQHD

            Similar, but use old half bottles.Varied in appearance and because smaller oil does not sit out as long.

          3. Many years ago I bought at Harvey Nichols in London an oil carafe with a very large lip. The stopper/pouring spout has a small hole on the back side which fits into the neck of the carafe. So any drips are caught by the lip and drain through the hole back into the carafe. It works like a charm.

            1. well the bar sprout only came in bag of 10 pack, so bought a diner style ketchup squeezer instead, I think when you let go of the squeeze, it sucks air back in so it would help with the dripping, I hope.

              1. I use the ketchup mustard plastic squeeze bottles. Cheap. Got 12 for like 6.99 or some rediculous amount. I wouldn't change a thing. Walmart I think. I use and go through olive oil and canola oil a lot so not worried about having a dark bottle for me. I have red wine, balsamic, white wine, rice wine, olive oil, canola. I think. I use them all all the time. I tried the wine bottle but prefer these bottles for me. No drips no leaks, no glass to break, and they keep great. I have been using them for about 6 years now. I have several friends that go to tailgates and they all have bought some just for that. It is great.

                1. For vegetable oil, I use a soft plastic squeeze bottle, I wrap a doubled paper towel around the body, held with a rubber band. No oil leaks. When it's time to refill I change the paper.